Tuesday, August 25, 2009

@ndy the Tripemaster

More filthy, stinking, toxic sludge oozing from the open latrine pit known as the ‘Slackbastard’ site. The reader needs to bear in mind, when it comes to establishing Slackbastard’s credibility, or rather lack thereof, that he recently and totally unapologetically accused an innocent man of broadcasting so-called hate material over the internet. The name, after two very lame attempts, was finally changed to one that he seems satisfied is now correct. All, as we say, with no retraction or apology apart from some preposterous claim that a diminutive avian creature whispered in his shell-like ear. Yes, shell-like, because if one were to press one’s own ear to @ndy’s we are certain one would hear the muffled roar of the ocean. Such is the vacuous nature of the head to which this particular appendage is attached.

“The ADL itself is generally hostile to anarchism, anarchists, and anarchist participation in anti-racist and anti-fascist activism, especially in its more militant forms. (At one point, the ADL classified the circle ‘A’ as a hate symbol.)"
Erm, well @ndy, it IS a 'hate symbol' just like the inverted 'Life' Rune in a circle adopted by the so-called 'Peace' activists of the Sixties. You REALLY, REALLY don'y know much about ANYTHING, do you @ndy? Folks, I'm beginning to think @ndy is the original 'boy in the bubble'.
"This reflects its statist, and otherwise politically conservative — which is to say, classically bourgeois — perspective."
Whatdafark? So now the genius that is @ndy has decreed that conservatism is synonymous with being bourgeois? When and where did this happen? Details please! What ever happened to the good old Working Class Conservatives?
" In essence, the ADL maintains that the police/state can and should protect the rights of Jews in the United States (and elsewhere), the Israeli state is the ultimate guarantor of Jewish survival, and the fight against anti-Semitism should properly be conducted within the legal and political constraints of bourgeois society.”

Just how DOES @ndy reconcile the apparent contradiction of simultaneously rejoicing (on other threads) in the outlawing of groups such as Blood & Honour and The Hammerskins AND his referral to the Jewish Terrorist Group the ADL as “statist”? @ndy has, through many of his own actions and those of his motley confederates, displayed the most outrageous contempt for freedom of any socio-political expression, apart from his own, and cooperated with the state with all the slavish obsequiousness of the very “classic bourgeois” types he pretends to despise. He is like some bitter and twisted middle aged spinster craning over the aspidistra pot, peering through the tatty lace curtains at the neighbours, and reporting their every move, both real and imagined, to the local constabulary as if national security vitally depended upon her hourly reports.

“With regards the Melbourne gig, its occurrence has met with general indifference on the part of those who might otherwise be expected to organise to oppose and to sabotage its conduct — a product, in part, of the relative obscurity and generally marginal status of boneheads in Australia, but also, on the one hand, a symptom of the yuppification (sic) of punk and other yoof (sic) subcultures, and, on the other, the near-total absence of a broader, radical left-wing movement.

Poor little @ndy. There simply isn’t enough old school bomb throwing Anarchist thugs for his liking.

“My own role”

Yes @ndy, let’s hear MORE about YOUR role. Extrapolate and elucidate. We’re all ears.

“in helping to expose such activities has resulted in death threats, threats of beatings, the publication of my alleged work address on an Internet forum frequented by boneheads, and other tomfoolery. Nevertheless, those responsible will always be held to account — one way, or another.”

Now, to me, that last “one way, or another” comment is an open threat to all White Nationalists. What it means, quite clearly, is that if @ndy and his bum chums can’t get you by legal means then they will get you by foul. What? Another Mossad contrived 'Motor Vehicle Accident'? Make no mistake. This is how the ZOG anointed Left works. You have been warned.

Ed note.

Can someone please pass on all this info that has been published about @ndy? Seems @ndy is trying to play the victim folks. What a joke. How very Zionist of you @ndy.

@ndy Slackbastard drops bomb shell. On his foot!

Funny stuff readers. Looks like @ndy has taken the offending post down. What a bloody idiot.

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Now were is that facepalm that FDB like to use?

Donald Oorst AKA Duckmonster Founding member of FDB

"See how awesome facepalm is! dont even need words"

Brian Stokes fellow FDB founder

"it IS oarsome, dux."

Have a great weekend everyone we sure as hell will.

For you @ndy here is some different ways you can shoot yourself in the foot again via the net.

You write out all the specification of your foot, the bullet, the gun, and the relevant laws of physics, but all you can do is prove that you can shoot yourself in the foot.

You get Some teenage hacker to shoot you in the foot with ActiveX. You develop gangrene and die.

Double-click the gun icon and wait. Eventually a window opens giving a selection for guns and target areas. Click the "shoot" button and a small box appears with the note "Unable to open shoot.dll, check that path is correct."

Plenty more ways to do it Here Shooting yourself in the foot in various programming languages

@ndy all at sea…in a leaky boat…

This latest steaming dollop of tripe from Slackbastard:

Dennis McCormack ~versus~ Dennis McThomas
0 Comments Published by @ndy July 25th, 2009 in Uncategorized
Correction : A mischievous little birdy recently informed me that the host of the National Socialist Movement’s Internet radio show was Dennis McCormack. As good friends Darrin Hodges and Jim Perren rushed to inform me, it is not. Another little birdy tells me it is in fact Carl D. Thompson.

See also : Oops (March 15, 2009).

[To Be Continued...]

To be continued INDEED!

So, little birdies tell him?

It all seems a mighty strange way for the brains trust of the extreme loony Left to maintain their vital role as ZOG State informants.

Readers please note.

There is still no retraction from @ndy.

He has openly declared here that he does not actually KNOW anything for certain. He relies on ‘little birdies’ to inform him…

So far as this writer can tell there is ALSO no such person as a ‘Dennis McThomas’ involved in White Nationalist politics in Australia. If there is I apologise and wish him well. So he STILL has it wrong.

As usual, the FDB swill is proving they have all the credibility of the proverbial Three Dollar Note.

We wish the various Australian National security agencies who (apparently) employ @ndy and FDB as ‘deep throat’ sources of political intelligence on ‘evil wicked Nazis’ the best of British luck. They will need it.

A visit to the nearest mental asylum and an audience with the resident Napoleon or Jesus Christ would glean more truthful, accurate and useful ‘information’…

It reminds me of one of my all time favourite Ramones songs…

Hey Ho Let's Go!

She Talks To Rainbows

She's a little lost girl in her own little world
She looks so happy but she seems so sad
ah ah oh yea oh oh oh yea
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She talks to birds she talks to angels
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She don't talk to me
Talks to the rainbows and to the seas
she talks to the trees
She don't talk to me
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You know she drives me outta my mind
You know she drives me outta my head

She talks to birds ...

She's a little lost girl in her own little world
She looks so happy but she seems so sad
ah ah oh yea oh oh oh yea
She's a little lost girl in her own little world
I'd like to help her I'd like to try
ah ah oh yea oh oh oh yea

She talks to birds she talks to angels
she talks to trees she talks to bees
She don't talk to me
Talks to the rainbows and to the seas
she talks to trees
She don't talk to me
Don't talk to me
She don't talk to me
Don't talk to me
She don't talk to me
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Gabba Gabba Hey!

You're a PINHEAD @ndy

Your such a funny looking fella @ndy

Now I wonder which one is @ndy? I will go for the top pic. How about you guys. A bottle of Bundy Rum if you guess it right. I know its a tough one.

This is for my Anarchist Enemy/Frauds/@ndy/FDB

Yeah I know Dead Kennedy's. They dropped the ball as we all know. Well the Old School Crowd figured it out anyway. Remember those guys the old school Anarchists? The real Anarchists. Still this song I know they will love for a different reason.

You can play it loud nowadays and be real Anarchist right? Yet they the new kids on the block just don't listen do they. Nor did the Dead Kennedy's in the end. Truly makes me laugh at these New Age Anarchists. They have no idea since the Zionists took over it. Nice work @ndy and FDB hope they all hang you high when the penny drops.

So you been to school
For a year or two
And you know youve seen it all
In daddys car
Thinkin youll go far
Back east your type dont crawl

Play ethnicky jazz
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Is a holiday in cambodia
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Pol pot, pol pot, pol pot, pol pot, etc.

And its a holiday in cambodia
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A holiday in cambodia
Where the slums got so much soul
Category: New World Order/Fake Anarchists/ DickHeads

Further reading on fake Anarchists and Anti Fa Bigots. HERE

Leave the Anarchy for the Anarchists.

The portraits above are of the same man but in two different incarnations. On the far left we see Martin "Gray" in retirement after a successful career peddling fake antiques to gullible collectors. He is holding his mass market paperback, For Those I Loved, which is filled with his exploits as a saintly "Holocaust Survivor" who was supposedly forced to help clear bodies out of the Treblinka "gas chamber." The earlier portrait is of the youthful Gray as a highly-decorated officer in the Soviet NKVD (the savage forerunner of the KGB, responsible for the murder of millions of Christians in Russia and Eastern Europe). Even Establishment researchers have had to admit that Gray's book is as phony as the antiques he peddled. But Gray's scam is symbolic of countless other Communist ghouls who have managed to land on their feet in the West, disguised as poor, persecuted "Survivors of the Holocaust" and feted as the saints and martyrs of the universe. Meanwhile the holocaust they perpetrated against millions of Christians slips further down the dark environs of Orwell's memory hole.

Interesting times readers. Thanks to resident Zionist Agent and Government collaborator @ndy we came across this HERE.

Now it would seem that even the Left/Anarchists are starting to rise from their slumber. Over the past 60 years maybe longer the Australian Anarchists and Marxist movement has been run by Zionist Jews. All with one purpose. To do their bidding.But their is a new kid on the block. National Anarchism. And the Marxist Jews are very upset.

What do you expect? Any credibility they had (none) was shot to pieces when they branched into Anti Racism. They outed themselves and the Australian Left has witnessed it all from the sidelines.

So much fun to be had. @ndy it would seem has lost his crown. The Anarchist movement in Australia and around the world is well and truly changing.

So whats this all about? Well it would seem that if anyone from the Left writes an article and quotes anyone from NA they are instantly attacked by a small group of big mouths. Notably all Fight Dem Back members.

The next move from the Zionist Anarchist at Fight Dem back is to try and smear the unsuspecting NA member via Fraudulent Anarchist sites such as this. Here. Then its the rally cry for all the Sayanim to jump onto the comments section of the original story and threaten and deceive. Next the author of said article will be branded a NAZI collaborator by these paper Anarchists.

One look at these fakes is usually enough for any real Anarchist. Another thing of note is the amount of Anarchists, Marxist and other assorted Left Wing followers who are converting to Nationalism. The hypocrisy in the current Left Wing movement all be it from self appointed leaders has grown to such an extent that even the most ardent supporters are thinking twice. Do you blame them.


Here is some great comments from the Left Wing or Anarchist followers concerning @ndy and his dislike of National Anarchists.

Looks like it wont be long until someone gives up this Fraud and feeds him to the Evil Fascists. I'm hungry.

• Jeremy, on May 31st, 2009 at 12:47 pm said:

Its also pretty clear what the plan of the larger anarchist group is, to delegitimise the smaller and kill off a possible competitor.

I would suggest to those people involved in the “National anarchists” that a name change might be in order, it would also move you further away from any far right past or associations and make you less of a target for the quite frankly very aggressive larger anarchist group.

Having a look around the web some of these more mainstream anarchist groups quite openly want to kill you. I would be against this as I favour free speech and the fig leaf of “No platform” is clearly just that, a figleaf to cover up the quite fascist activities of people like this @ndy and his friends.

I would advise you to get out of this politics business all together, or at least change your name, these people who hate you, aside from thier high minded words, are quite clearly intolerant murderous fascists in the best traditions of Hitler and Stalin.

• Simon, on May 31st, 2009 at 1:49 pm said:
Although you say you fight against fascism, your very own school of thought is far more fascist than that of the National-Anarchists.
Please feel free to point out which part of National-Anarchism you see as fascist.

• Punk, on May 31st, 2009 at 5:22 pm said:
I agree with Jeremy that the N-Aers chose an unfortunate name. ‘Tribal anarchism’ would have been a better term than ‘national’, because many people seem to associate the word ‘national’ with the nation state.

I also agree that @ndy and co. are in the tradition of Hitler and Stalin, though of course @ndy wouldn’t get his own hands dirty, he’d just be the one denouncing people behind the scenes to the thought police, or the ‘antifa’ thugs. In Europe @ndy’s ‘antifa’ friends go round beating up skinny goth kids with iron bars for wearing the wrong kind of band t-shirt. They even bashed the singer of old-school punk band ‘The Exploited’!

Kumo, your misuse of the word ‘fascism’ is embarrassing. Look it up on Wikipedia for a basic definition. It means someone who believes in a one-party STATE, therefore someone who doesn’t believe in the State at all can’t be fascist, can they?

Who said anything about enforcing separatism? From what the N-Aers have said, it’s a philosophy of VOLUNTARY separatism. As most people prefer to live among their own kind, there would be no need to use force. Furthermore, the N-Aers have said they also support the existence of multi-cultural communities, for those who want to live in a multi-cultural society. So everybody should be happy. What’s the problem?

My ideal of communal anarchism is not vague confused dribble, as you put it. Communities have a way of organising themselves, it’s organic. As for trade and commerce, obviously it wouldn’t be the same as now but is that a bad thing? Capitalism and consumerism is destroying the earth’s resources, yet it seems you want that to keep happening.

Your own views are incoherent. How are you going to organise your kind of ‘anarchism’ on a large scale without a government to enforce it? Just face it, you’re a socialist, not an anarchist.

You should join Socialist Alliance or one of those groups, you’d be more at home there than pretending to be an anarchist.

• Heathen Anarchist, on May 31st, 2009 at 12:13 pm said:
Associating with members of a certain group does not make one a supporter of that group’s activities or ideology.

National anarchism is not so dogmatic as to not allow any of us to associate with whoever we want.
Why do you care who Scott associates with anyway? I guess so you can go report it to your zionist establishment mates (the thought police) over at Fight Dem Back.

You’re not at all working against the system @ndy, only for it.

• Punk, on May 31st, 2009 at 10:46 am said:
I am a communal anarchist. I believe in community. Small-scale community, not large scale ’societies’. That’s what the National-Anarchists believe in also, so we can work together on certain issues.

Communties work their own issues out, they don’t need outsiders coming in and telling them how to distribute their wealth. There s a place for each person in the community. If someone doesn’t fit in (murderer, rapist etc.) then they are expelled.

@ndy claims he doesn’t recognise N-Aers as anarchists, but Andy only speaks for a very small fraction of the anarchists in Australia (basically the snobs who run Barricade Books in Melbourne).

He doesn’t have a monopoly on what ‘anarchism’ is. I in turn don’t recognise HIS views as anarchist, because they are basically socialist. ‘Libertarian socialism’ is not anarchism. But some people believe it is. Whatever…that’s their problem.

@ndy’s constant reference to people’s age is quite bizarre.
Do you have to be over a certain age to be an anarchist now, do you, @ndy? I’ll be sure to tell all my friends under the age of 25 (and most of the people reading this article) that they can’t join the club!

Old man @ndy has spoken! Hear him roar!

Anonymous, on May 26th, 2009 at 7:09 pm said:

Lol @ndy you nerdy, whinging twat!!!

RE National Anarchists #
Social-Alt09, on May 29th, 2009 at 5:05 pm said:

I saw these guys at the censorship rally in Melbourne. I went to talk to them but I was told I wasn’t allowed to talk to them. They seem legitimate enough to me, and I like the idea of ethnic nationalism.

Alistair, on May 29th, 2009 at 5:20 pm said:

Interesting views.

I used not to take anarchists very seriously, as they either were simply negative or worked in fact for the state and establish under the cover of “anarchy” - as some indeed still do.

Anarchist @ndy shows his true colours.

Now how strange. Fight Dem Back founding member Andrew Moran the man who never was. Yes the guy who knows so much about Anarchism and Marxism yet has no idea about anything else. Or does he. Of course he does. He is a well trained Sayanim just like all the other FDB gang members. This idiot who claims to be an Anarchist certainly acts more like a Government agent than anything else.

@ndy aka Andrew Moran has taken it on himself to attack Brendon O'Connell for daring to question the Jewish Supremacists has forgotten one main thing. Brendon isn't a Racist. Nor was the Demonstrators who also protested on the day "The Friends Of Palestine". Seems @ndy has forgotten his cover as a Anti Racist Anarchist and shown us all who he works for. Israel and the Zionist controlled Government.

Now we always knew he was an agent for the Feds but his controllers must be shaking their heads yet again. It was bad enough when Asher Goldman FDB New Zealand Leader visited Israel last year posing as a Anarchist to out Palestinian and Jewish anti war activists. I wonder how many of them are alive to speak about that meeting?

You see folks these people FDB are Government Enforces. They use the cloak of Anti racism to silence Israels critics. They also keep track of the Left Wing activists who also are awake to the Zionist plot. In fact it is the Left who unwittingly give aid to the enemy of us all.

You just have to ask yourself do Anarchist work with the Police? Do they work with Federal Police and Intelligence gathering networks like ASIO? Our little @ndy does and so does his mates.

Do anarchists post News articles from the Australian Jewish News? Do they hang around Jewish Lawyers or the children of Prominent Jewish Leaders? Of course not. It was only after we outed these sayanim and the Left started asking questions did @ndy even mention Gaza. Nice try @ndy. How many left wing Anti racist groups would lobby the Federal government to boycot Anti Racism conventions because they know Israel would be critisized? Not many. Its just like Mathew Henderson said back in 2004 that FDB would mirror Searchlight. And they have all the way Zionist Jews the lot.

Although the list of FDB members is getting smaller by the day they are still out and about. They may not be collecting info on Right Wing activists anymore but I bet they sure as hell are doing it to the left. What happened to Cam Smith? What of all the other members who once spoke so proudly of being members of FDB? Old Cam disappeared real soon after he confessed on National Radio to helping ASIO and other Feds. He even claimed his info was better than theirs. I bet it is.

So if you are a real Left Wing Anarchist drop us a line we would love to hear from you.

Oh, the Anarchy!

From the FDB Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

Post subject: Re: anti-Jew YouTube poster charged under WA vilification laws
Posted: Wed May 13, 2009 1:50 pm
Joined: Tue Aug 02, 2005 6:37 am
Posts: 964
Location: Melbourne
“14 years is a very long time to meditate on one's bigotry and ignorance. Then again, maybe Brendon needs that much time?”

Oh Andy, you wacky ol’ ‘Anarchist’ you. Where’s the finely honed moral outrage at this obscenely over-reactive and draconian response by the State? Where is the intellectual rigour and incisive questioning of just whose interests are being served by the State and who is pulling their strings and pushing their buttons? Now, who COULD that particular lobby group be? Let’s see…

How do you manage to maintain your fiercely independent, radical, shoot ‘em from the rooftops, man the barricades, lob them mollies, kill da pigs, Anarcho-Syndicalist ideals, your tireless and militant struggle against the evil and wicked exploitative Fascist State beliefs AND reconcile them with your Police Informant, authoritarian stance and general useful idiot status AND bar up big time at the prospect of some poor slob possibly doing serious gaol time for, what?, strongly and (admittedly rather forcefully) expounding his genuine and heartfelt religious beliefs?

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


What a guy!

Andy, you remind me of an old tee shirt slogan from the Seventies that read ‘Make Love Not War…or we will KILL you!’

But seriously folks, can’t you just feel the warm glow of tolerance, belief in personal sovereignty and the relentless pursuit of truth and justice radiating from FDB?

The Stranglers sang: “Let out all the prisoners, ‘cause that’s a Jubilee”

Obviously you are not even as ‘radical’ or as ‘Anarchic’ as a bunch of Seventies English bourgeois musos prancing about in black skivvies…

Good versus Evil at @ndy $lackbastard.

Oh the Hypocrisy at Slackbastard. In a comments war that seems to be all the rage over at @ndy’s Government sponsored site Slackbastard old @ndy has shown he has zero substance. It is very obvious that he just can’t seem to manage one of his detractors Jim from QLD. Jim has @ndy pegged and old @ndy knows it. So again we witness another back down from FDB. Boy we have seen a lot of late.

These double agents are running out of jokes and certainly show that they lack any credibility.

Jim QLD Dec 22nd, 2008 at 9:22 pm

"Looks like @ndy the double-agent is trying desperately to start a bit of trouble in Nationalist circles. Could this be an attempt to take the heat off himself? The real story is the fact that @ndy works with the Federal Police. And most probably will be called in to explain a few things in the very near future."

@ndy Dec 22nd, 2008 at 9:27 pm

"And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling Nazis! "

Jim QLD Dec 22nd, 2008 at 9:48 pm

"Doing a bit of racial stereotyping are we now @ndy? You would have to be the biggest hypocrite that ever slithered on this planet. You make my job so easy. Keep up the good work "

@ndy Dec 22nd, 2008 at 10:07 pm

"But Jim! These are your comrades!

NF marches are not exactly a vibrant affair these days. Back in the 70s and early 80s, a National Front march would stretch from Parliament square to Victoria station with up to 8,000 members and supporters accompanied by 3 or 4 drumming bands. The hundred or so Nazis that shuffled from Victoria to Embankment today [July 18, 2005] were barely noticeable aside from the 2-300 cops that accompanied them. Led by brain-dead ‘Activities Organiser’ Terry Blackham the master race were neither loud nor intimidating with Muslims on the route of the march laughing at their pitiful anti-Islam slogans and passing tourists stopping to take their photo in front of the march.

One thing that is encouraging is the NF’s total failure to grow or make any capital out of the recent events in London whatsoever. This demo was no bigger than the last Remembrance Day embarrassment. There were no representatives of Britain’s other far right groups (they all hate each other, thank fuck!) nor was there any new faces. The demo was largely made up of the same 80 losers that restarted the marching strategy back in Dover in the late 90s. Most pathetic of all was the chanting; ‘Rule Britannia’ would reach its first chorus before petering out into the silence that dominated most of the demo. ‘No Surrender to the IRA’ was louder and aptly demonstrated their intelligence as the Provos have been on ceasefire for ages and have nothing in common with the suicide bombers at all. The master race must however be congratulated on what has to be the most lacklustre and tuneless rendition of ‘God Save the Queen’ that I have ever heard. Republicans everywhere should encourage this kind of patriotism as it can only further their cause.

The best laugh of the day was however reserved for the beginning before they had even started. While assembling, the gathered Nazis had their spirits roused by a tooting horn from a passing car. Hurray! They all cheered only to turn round and see a black motorist extending his middle finger from a passing car. Even the cops laughed."

Jim QLD Dec 22nd, 2008 at 10:19 pm

"Yes @ndy they are. I am proud of those guys who actually marched. Hell it’s not like you ever get out much now is it. @ndy your comrades get 15 year old kids shot. Your comrades are certainly not the Anarchists you are gathering information on. Funny how an Anarchist is having a go at me over a small turn out from the NF. Didn’t Castro and Che start off as a small group? @ndy you are a fraud and a traitor "

Look out folks @ndy is outdone again. It would seem the truth realy does hurt @ndy the Double agent. Lets see what intelligent replys we get from @ndys stratedgy maker Kadet? Hell he sounds nearly as scary as Cam Smith.

Kadet Dec 22nd, 2008 at 10:41 pm

"you’re a dickhead Jim. at least @ndy gets hits on his blog. your blog’s as barren as maggie thatcher’s twat"

Now back to @ndy

@ndy Dec 22nd, 2008 at 10:54 pm

"I have a horrible suspicion that this conversation is going ’round in circles.
Nevertheless, a few points:

Neither Che nor Castro were anarchists. That you apparently believe that I utilise Castro or Guevara as ideological reference points merely demonstrates your own political illiteracy, which is — profound.

I’m not “having a go at you” over the pathetic depths to which the NF has sunk, moaron; merely pointing out that the photo which you cited as evidence of “racial stereotyping” is in reality a snapshot of the Master Race as it existed in London in July 2005.

You’re a nutzi and you’re stoopid.

As a result, I am imposing a two-week suspension.

Merry Crassmas."

A two-week suspension ohh ahhh. What power this guy wields. Well we received a note from Jim on this one. Along with the reply that @ndy is to scared to put up. Over to Jim from QLD.


"Around in circles we go. First WLT is not the ownership of me but from what I know many. Second it is a very busy blog and has a worldwide audience. @ndy would know this he is also is regular.

Second I used the Castro Che situation as an example @ndy. I would think being an Anarchist you would at least know the history of the Revolution in Cuba. I was pointing out that all movements grow from a very small cadre of Dedicated People.

It also doesn’t change the fact that your comrades are the Federal Police in Victoria most probably the Anti Terrorist Task Force. From what Cam Smith said on the radio it would seem that you guys are in some type of competition with ASIO. You should all learn to work together @ndy.

Your arguments are very weak as per normal. Typical of a Government mind set."

And we totaly agree with those sentiments. We guess the next defense will be the one old “Mathew Henderson Hau” uses to escape debate with any Nationalist. “No Platform for Racist”

Andy and the phoney ‘Anarchists’…

From Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary:

Main Entry: an·ar·chy
Pronunciation: \ˈa-nər-kē, -ˌnär-\
Function: noun
Etymology: Medieval Latin anarchia, from Greek, from anarchos having no ruler, from an- + archos ruler
Date: 1539
1 a: absence of government b: a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority c: a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government
2 a: absence or denial of any authority or established order b: absence of order.

Who would willingly work for The State in order to maintain the status quo and to ensure the ruthless punishment of political dissidents?
A died in the wool reactionary Conservative?

Who would go whining to the Police demanding action against his political enemies every time they do, or even say, something he dislikes and which just might be in violation of some new statute designed to protect International Capital’s Multiculturalism scam?
An authoritarian slave of The State?

Who would supply information, misinformation and disinformation to the various intelligence agencies including, by default, The Mossad?
An obsequious, snotty nosed little snitch?

Who can quote verbatim, off the top of his tiny, pin head, the laws and regulations regarding so-called ‘Anti Hate’ legislation?
A credulous, compliant, unquestioning, snivelling, wretched little do-gooder who only wants to placate and please his masters in the vain hope they will give him an easy, well paid position in their New World Order?

Who would cheer loudly from the sidelines as The State enacts increasingly draconian legislation to close off every ‘loophole’ which might still permit even the tiniest or most benign act of ‘Free Speech’? Laws which effectively crush any vestige of dissident thought?
A member of the Stasi cheerleader squad?

Who would work relentlessly with a declared Statist group like Fight Dem Back who, in their very own words, are backed by many key establishment figures including several wealthy Jewish Lawyers?
An upwardly mobile Neo-Con? A George .W. Bush aligned Zionist N.W.O. puppet?

Why NO!
Not at all.
An ‘ANARCHIST’ hero of the Working Class like Andy would.
Yep, folks!
A brave, staunch and true ‘ANARCHIST’ who masturbates over lurid fantasies of ‘revolution from the rooftops’ and the triumph of the common people over the oppression of the evil, wicked state…

Go figure…

@ndy gets the Nod from the Mossad

Yes folks old @ndy has decided that he better make a comment on the Israeli attack and occupation of Gaza. Kill for peace : “Operation Cast Lead”Obvious his masters need him. They have bigger plans for this Sayanim. Our guess he is just spying on the Left Wing Anti Zionists much like FDB, s Asher Goldman did in Israel this year. Did you go to Gaza Asher? Maybe you took a GPS so you wouldn’t get lost?

As things heat up in the Middle East @ndy and his Jewish backers from FDB will be very busy. The fact that @ndy and his Jewish mates at FDB have been silent about the Palestinian situation speaks volumes. I guess digging up old stories from the Zionist controlled media on hate crimes that has one person killed just isn’t as important as the Ethnic Cleansing of the Palestinian People. After all @ndy it’s the Jews that back you now isn’t it.

Your near on non existent stand against the Zionist state unless you are pushed is typical of a desperate spy trying to protect his true identity. @ndy you are a Fake a Fraud and a tool of the state. And when the left start putting it all together @ndy you will be in deep trouble. Your controllers will cut you loose to save themselves. We will then see how the Left deal with TRAITORS.

Meanwhile over at FDB central another member shows his true colors. Or should we say the Star of David perhaps? Yes folk’s member VC from NZed who has gone to so much trouble to hide his Jewish ness by deleting a thread that has him using Hebrew to catch out a possible Nationalist. We are sorry to say we didn’t save that one. Ooops. Maybe someone else did? If so drop us a line.

But funny how he is the one talking about "Police anti-terror squad spies on protest groups."

But look when you try and search for VC’s posts what do you get?

"No topics or posts met your search criteria"

Kinda strange aint it. Could it be FDB have something to hide? Of course they have. Mossad loves New Zealand. Read on..

"According to a reliable source, these Mossad agents fraudulently obtained New Zealand Passports then showed up in Iraq. That source’s source is inside the G2 Intelligence section of one of the commanding armies in Baghdad. Some of the solders caught these Mossad agents with the New Zealand Passports on them. The Mossad agents were subsequently ordered to be let go.

Our source talked with members of the 3rd Infantry Division and 4th Infantry Division who nailed the Mossad agents and ordered they be let go. As a result, when these US Army personnel returned to the US, they left their army careers and refused to serve the likes of George Bush and Israel. What could their deeper reasons possibly be?

Could it be that in fact the Mossad agents were caught with high-powered sniper rifles, killing American soldiers to ‘aid and abet’ the illusion that America was fighting a legitimate war in Iraq "


"Murder Inc.
The question remains – why would Israeli Intelligence go to such lengths to secure, fraudulently, a New Zealand passport? The answer is sinister in the extreme, because Mossad is not just any old run of the mill spy agency, which simply spies on people. It specialises in murdering them.

“Intelligence operations, by definition, are always murky, opaque and hard to pin down, but one could be forgiven for tracing a link between the July 15 (2004) conviction in New Zealand of two alleged Mossad agents for trying to illegally obtain the passport of a bed-ridden disabled man and the assassination of Hizbullah official Ghaleb Awali in Beirut's southern suburbs last Monday, allegedly by Israeli-run agents. "

Zog Attacks @ndy Slackbastard. Yeah right!

"the others unlucky innocent people"

"The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the "children of Israel" will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands."

--Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, 'La Revue de Paris', p.574, June 1, 1928

Oh the joy of it all. Yes folks because of persistent accusations from this site that Andrew Moran AKA @ndy is nothing but a Zionist spy old @ndy has come out swinging. No folks Sadly not from a tree with a rope fashioned by angry Anarchists who know the enemy with in. But by now taking a Pro Palestinian stand. Hell a Zionist plant is hardly going to publicly take the side of the Israeli aggressor. Of course he will now support the victims of Zionism. So much for all those jokes about fear of Zog. @ndy's real targets are not Nationalist but Anti War Protesters. And I bet they have been busy.

FDB and its members since 2005 have ignored the Zionist issue. No bloody wonder considering the Australian Jewish News Network wrote such wonderful things about them in 2005. No wonder considering FDB’s founding members are made of Jews and Federal Police. Here is an example of a comment that has been posted at Slackbastard. With a few comments from us. Please note this comment is just another desperate attempt from @ndy to try and be a credible Anarchist.

Ofer Dec 29th, 2008 at 1:26 am

"That caricature is very funny, very funny, very funny. Ha ha ha. ROFLMAO. Do you know anything at all about the holocaust? "

Yes @ndy knows plenty about it. In fact he helps silence people who Question the facts and figures. @ndy is also backed by influential Zionists in Australia.

"The only reason “only” 1 Israeli citizen was killed from a barrage of over 70 rockets fired into Israel that day, was because we have an early warning system, so people take shelter when the missiles strike."

Yes the Israeli Defense Force has all the modern equipment supplied to them from Zionist Occupied United States of America. Not to mention the 3 billion dollars given to Israel annually from the US. @ndy is a good friend with Zionist Jews in Australia. These silent partners actively raise money here to send to Israel to kill and maim. They are his friends.

"The big difference is that Israel targets Hamas bunkers/bases, and because many of these are located INTENTIONALLY in civilian houses civilians [get] in harm’s way too, whereas the rockets fired by Hamas are targeted directly at civilians, again INTENTIONALLY. "

@ndy knows as well as the author of this reply that this is what the Media feed us. The Media are always covering for the IDF. Hell it’s all about PR. @ndy is also very very close to the Media. In fact he speaks with them very often. Lets not forget that FDB are the Kings and Queens of spin.

"Think about this too - 100 tonnes of ammunition were dropped on Gaza yesterday. 100 tonnes. If you wanted to kill indiscriminately or even just not be super careful, you would cause A LOT more innocent deaths than under half of 250. One palestinian suicide bomber with 10 kg of explosives kills on average (yes, we have averages unfortunately) around 10 people in close contact. Here you have 100 tonnes, 10000 times more. So 10000 times 10 is… right, 200 people, more than half being armed militants, the others unlucky innocent people (like the innocent ones killed in their suicide bombings, oh wait no - they are targeted INTENTIONALLY again). "

More spin. Hell @ndy is well aware of the power of spin. It's much like this fake reply is just pure spin. Meanwhile I bet they have thanked Asher for getting those GPS co ordinates when he met with anti war protesters in Israel this year.

"Yep. It’s exactly like killing 6 million unarmed people, persecuting them everywhere in the world, regardless of any political situation and with no prior provocation. Exactly."

Yes @ndy 6 million. That magical figure. Here we have a Zionist or possibly @ndy in disguise going on about the murder of unarmed civilians. Well we know the story about 6 million lies. And how scum like these two use it to give Israel the excuse to kill and murder at will. We also know that the Zionist have killed many more millions.

You see @ndy I figure your time is just about up. Your desperate attempt to try and reclaim your Anarchist Identity is just sad you stinking Agent of the Zionist.

If you are in the Left or have had any contact with @ndy, Asher Goldman and the other spies at FDB you are what we call in the game compromised. If you are an Anti War protester and met with Asher you are probably DEAD.

So who was the Zionist FDB member VC @ndy? Has he gone back to Israel to kill for your masters? Anti Racist Jews well what a joke. Sadly the joke is on the stupid people who were foolish enough to believe or trust them.

Don’t let the Truth get in the way. Gaza.

I find it very difficult to hide my anger and disgust I feel towards the Zionist State of Israel. But I find myself even more disgusted at the So-called White Nationals who are hired by the Zionist to spread misinformation and lies. In a world that is more like Planet Bizaro we have Zionist Backed spy groups such as Fight Dem back and @ndy Slackbastard. These groups after years of saying nothing about Israel all of sudden pretend to support the Palestinian people. These groups backed by Bnai Brith and other High Ranking Jews in Australia now play the old fashioned shell game to protect their undercover operations.

Then we have people who once spoke out against Zionism and its lies. These people who also claim to be White Australian Nationalists now in some kind of sick joke support Israel in their personal war on Terror/Islam. These Christian Zionists who now attack Long Term Patriots in the struggle for a White Australia are now so infected with Zionist BS they use tactics more in tune with Fight Dem Back. Political White Nationalists groups such as Australia First have been one in Particular that was singled out this past year. Not to be forgotten they also attack all other pro White Groups from around the world. Unless its the BNP. WN forums such as Australian New Nation and Storm Front are as they have described “a neo-nazi hangout which should be avoided at all costs. They give white people a bad name.”

Well as these Zionist supporters sit around cheering the IDF every time they turn on the news, the rest of the world is shaking its head in disgust. Added to the Whitelaw List of enemy’s of the White Race in 2009 we shall see a few more now come under our watch.

The fact that our White Nations are forced to accept the Non White refugees fleeing Zionist Aggression is all part and parcel of the destruction of our race and culture.

MI5 C18 Searchlight Fight Dem Back & Anarchi$t @

Oh the madness that is Anarchi$t @ndy over at Slackbastard. He sure as hell is trying to convince us all of late how Anarchist he is. I bet the organizers of this event

Saturday, 13th December, 2008
1:00PM outside the Greek Consulate
37-39 Albert Road, South Melbourne (St Kilda Rd trams)
Bring Greek music, friends, candles, flowers, etc.

are a little concerned that Andrew Moran is involved. Maybe a good idea for some of the Vic Whitelaw people to go have a look anyway? Hint Hint…

Anyway a few of you may not know the story behind Search Light in the UK. Yes folks the UK group that shares Intel with its Australian franchise Fight Dem Back. (FDB). FDB founding members are made up of numerous Left Wing and Anarchist groups in Australia and New Zealand.

On our side of the political scene we have C18 in the UK. Many WN and NS readers know that C18 in the UK was a honey trap for Patriots. Let the history lesson begin.



"Searchlight magazine, the so-called "International Anti-Fascist Monthly"
present themselves as heroic campaigners against fascism, an invaluable
resource to anyone committed to the struggle or concerned with anti-fascism anti-racism and the need to confront anti-Semitism. But hidden agendas predominate. "
Sound like anyone we know?
"As a long-time Leftist (SWP, Big Flame and now Green Party). And anti- fascist activist and researcher, I suggest you read carefully what I have to say. I have written for: Tribune, CARF (Campaign Against Racism and Fascism) and Lobster for example. I also play a part in the Green Party Anti-Fascist Network, for example, successfully urging that David Icke be refused entry to the 1994 Party Conference due to anti- Semitic statements: my role in which to date never mentioned by Searchlight. "

For four years I have been subjected to a torrent of vile abuse and lies emanating from Searchlight. The reasons for this are three-fold superior to theirs, in rigour and understanding. Second, and just as important, I have consistently illustrated just how close Searchlight are to MI5, in the sense of passing information, and also in terms of Information gathering and "planting" MI5 friendly agendas in the media and the political process, as well as actual operations. One such entrapment, involving the "running" of agent Tim Hepple simultaneously in anarchist green and fascist milieu, I was able to help successfully foil, to the detriment of Searchlight and their friends in MI5. Since the publication of my second pamphlet on that affair ("At War With The Truth"),in November 1993, Searchlight dare not
even refer to it, never mind refute it. Last October (1194) saw a third reason for Searchlight (and MI5) to get even more annoyed: the publication of my book "Turning Up the Heat: MI5

When Green Anarchist wrote a sympathetic article in February 1995 (issue 37) Searchlight (and, I contend, MI5) snapped. In their March issue Searchlight (a supposed "anti-fascist" magazine remember), published (for the first time anywhere) my photo (taken by Searchlight operatives as part of workplace harassment), workplace and residential details. This was done with one aim in mind: to set me up for a kicking or even assassination, by fascists/Loyalists or whoever. The malevolent intent or such is crystal clear, made even more so considering Searchlight's previous 3 mentions of me, all written before the IRA cease-fire 31/8/94 (June 1994 p.5 August 1994 p.7September 1994 p.3). These describe what is clearly me as being a courier, setting up drug-deals/meetings on behalf of Combat 18 Nazis with Ulster Loyalists. Yet in March, Searchlight omit to mention this supposed activity: if they don't believe these lies, isn't it time to sit up and take notice? I would strongly suggest that radicals of all persuasions, both in the UK and elsewhere - Left, Green, Anarchist, anti- Criminal Justice Act, anti-fascist and anti-racist take a close look at Searchlight and just who they're working with and for " (to coin a phrase). The integrity of your organisation, its political ambitions and even your member's personal safety could well depend on you doing so. Read on...


Their victims attacks on myself fit into a long line of smears Against radicals, including anarchists Tim Scargill and Tony Haughian While both were physically targeted by fascists, the Animal Liberation Front, Mebion Glyndwer, Anti Fascist Action members like Malcolm Astells, squatters, and supporters of the Freedom Network, and Now Open Eye magazine. They ignore the threat posed by sophisticated fascists/anti-Semites such as Icke, only covering him ten months after the Green Party took action.

They encourage political violence, by passing fascists, for instance in the mid-70's details of a Maoist group infiltrated by the editor's "Nazi" wife, Sonia Hochfelder appeared in a fascist publication shortly after she left. Violent fantasist Ray Hill and Special Branch tout Dave Roberts are still under investigation. Hepple was another agent provocateur, and recently Searchlight had suspicious fore-knowledge of a fascist hit-list Target.

Leeds thug/Nazi Tony White, self-confessed Special Branch asset, is just As suspect. Details of those named in an address book stolen from the local Northern Star by White (admitted by what sounds like White himself on a tape in my possession ....) appeared in Combat 18 magazine issues 1 and 3. In this way, using White as a conduit, the secret state (MI5) and their"errand people" (Searchlight) used the printing of such details to turn up the political heat, in order to gull Labour MP's on the Home Affairs Select Committee into approving increased MI5 powers.

They seek to access membership lists of Left/Green organisations, supposedly to "look for" fascists in reality to copy them to pass toMI5. They encourage anti-fascists to rely on the state, both MI5 and those arch provocateurs the "Football Intelligence Unit". The state did not defeat fascism in 1930's Germany or even Britain. They will not do so now: only a mass-based democratically controlled anti-fascist movement can do that. In the meantime, the threat Searchlight pose to anti-fascists outside the UK is just as grave as the threat they post to those here. For they will seek to gain intelligence on the members of anti- fascist groups everywhere, and then pass that information, probably via their MI5 controllers, back to your local security services.

They divert attention from/seek to further MI5's agendas, for instance what Searchlight did not mention until six months after I had "outed" him is that Harold Covington, US Nazi involved with C18, may well be an FBI original C18 leadership by elements more congenial to themselves (such as Hepple and White). Their line on C18 and the Dublin Soccer riot of February is another errand run for MI5/the FIU. In April 1995, having called since 1993 for MI5 to "investigate" C18,they announced it had been set up by MI5. The motivations for that statement I analysed in a Green
Anarchist article (issue 38 Summer1995).

There are here in the UK only two truly independent Investigative publications covering the secret state, Lobster, which Prints historical research and has firmly come down on my side Against Searchlight (see issue 24 "Our Searchlight problem" in particular),and the much newer Open Eye. This latter magazine also prints my work, and in issue 3 has recently covered Searchlight: also coming down on my side

Searchlight's latest twist, in October 1995, is to pretend that all along they have pointed to MI5 involvement in Combat 18. In fact, if you consult their January 1994 editorial, they called for MI5 to investigate C18, an organisation they now pretend MI5 actually set up. Why are they doing this now? The real reason has to do with when unravelling of MI5's operation in Leeds, and to facilitate a take-over of C18 by state assets in an internal power struggle. They also want to, yet again, appropriate some of my research without acknowledgement, for it was in April 1993 I first
suggested an MI5:C18 connection. They do not fool me, nor will they you, if you investigate the facts. Watch this space.

Doesn’t this all sound so familiar? As we have always said these anti groups appear from no place and attack us Nationalists. They win favor and the trust of the reds. These Anti Racist/Anti Fascist groups then infiltrate the already established Anarchist and Left Wing groups. These people are the enemy of us all.

My god the Left are so bloody stupid. Something the staff at Whitelaw has known from the very beginning. Covert operations are the name of the game and the people who are being looked at are? Yes to some extent us. But Australian security groups know that WN and NS people cannot muster thousands of youths onto the streets. They know they have nothing to fear from us at this stage. We are just one of the shells in the shell game, an easy target and a great distraction.

With the Anarchist inspired riots in Greece expect Andy to ramp up his saber rattling. Maybe even draw out a few more hard core Anarchists? That’s a good little boy @ndy go collect your 30 pieces of silver.

Boy those National Anarchist must be looking pretty good by now to a few Aussie Anarchists? Well the smart ones who can see what is going on.
Oh and here is an optional extra we found. I see a lot of other people are finally onto this spook?

WRT this @ndy character, he's long been known as a government agent in Oz. He's on their payroll to spread disinformation in the anti-authoritarian left and writes a lot of disinformation about the left including the Trots. It's rumored he turned coat after a high ranking affair with his man lover in the S.A. went sour.

Crikey now thats just sick!

Top Secret communiqué to Australian Controllers


Intelligence report from agent @ndy.

1. His name name is Tyler Cassidy.He lives in Victoria.He is a member of the Southern Cross Soldiers, and is involved in its Melbourne branch.The Melbourne branch was formally established in mid-2008:
2. Someone has said “The new Melbourne branch has been established at a time of smear directed against the group by Brian Stokes and Andy Moran of the Anti Racist group Fight Dem Back. These men have used the columns of the Fight Dem Back to misrepresent the group.”
3. He is a member of Face Book, which he joined in 2007, His account has since been closed.
4. The site itself is stuffed full of white supremacist, neo-Nazi and other fringe racist material. For example:
“Our Mission is to protect Australia for the establishment of a BRIDGEHEAD for the fight back campaign against violent crime and Racist attacks apon the Australian Population by people of Ethnic Backgrounds.
His email address is 15andfree@******.

He is a member of Face Book, at times a neo-Nazi forum maintained by a our friends we like to call Sayanim. Face Book Originally established as a place for young and old to talk and share ideas and life experience has now been overrun by Nationalism. Lucky for us it is a way for us to collect personal details on everyone.

In summary:

His views are, quite plainly, those of a neo-Nazi. He is a teenage boy, with a very short record of adherence to such views as Patriotism and Nationalism. As such, he is fully responsible for his views, even if he is only 15. He has had no time to reflect upon and to develop them. Further, he does not merely hold such views, but actively seek to promote them, and to that end organise with like-minded individuals to do so. In other words, he is a neo-Nazi activist.
I have no respect for his views, or as person, and have no desire to help him, let alone understand him. Please keep an eye on this RACIST

Always in your service

Andrew Moran Code Name @ndy $lackbastard.


Although Whitelaw Towers has publicized this video exposing Zionist treachery around the world a few things must be noted. First off that this particular author would like to point out that he believes the excuse for occupying Palestine at the end of WW2 due to the Holocaust was just another Zionist lie. A lie that is used by the Zionist in an ever-increasing way. To such a point that any legitimist questioning of the Holocaust is now illegal in most of Zionist Occupied Europe.

I would also like to point out that this video is also offered here for the members of Fight Dem Back and @ndy $lackbastard who continually support Zionist organizations. These Zionist controlled groups that masquerade, as Anti Racist organizations are guilty of supporting the destruction of Christian and White European Heritage around the world. They are guilty of ignoring the Zionist occupation of Palestine and the Ethnic Cleansing of the Palestinian people.

In short these people spend more time looking for scapegoats to guilt the white Community to accept more non-white refugees. These refugees fleeing Zionist wars are then used as pawns to further destroy our White Heritage. Ever wonder why there is always a Jewish Lawyer representing Refugees? How about the Jewish Lawyers who represent the Palestinians? These lawyers are what Israel calls Sayanim. Every Jew living abroad is just another agent for Israel.

FDB and other groups like them are the problem and will never offer up a solution. In the end they are just making sure that the occupation of our White Homelands by Non Whites runs just as smoothly as the occupation of Palestine by the Zionist Jews.

Don’t be fooled these people are well aware of what is truly going on. This is why they spend so much time running decoy for their Zionist masters. In short the Anti Racist movement is just another propaganda machine for the Israel lobby. They spend their time making up stories of evil Nazis and yet ignore, no suppress what is truly happening around the world.

What we must insure is that people and members of these Anti racist pro Israel groups never get into a position of power with legitimate Humane Rights Groups such as World Vision and such. This is something I fear may happen if we do not stay vigilant. I’m sure groups such as the New Right and The National Anarchist could cover that subject and others we have spoke of far better than us.

A special warning to our NS comrades. Some of the scenes you may not approve of but for the rest of you lot I think you will find it very interesting and educating. When you have finished watching this video please ask yourself one simple question. Why are these groups like FDB so quite on these very real issues?

Warning! This is real. Unlike what FDB go on about. Over 18 only!

PS @ndy $lackbastard Founding member of Fight Dem Back.. Next time you joke about “Fear of Zog” think about this film you piece of shit. What say you Asher Goldman?

Please watch HERE or HERE


BNP member being arrested by MI5?

Yes readers it would seem that a Whistle Blower on the inside has let the cat out of the bag. As our readers already know groups such as Fight Dem Back are just useful idiots and agents for the Australian Intelligence Groups. These groups and self proclaimed Anarchist such as @ndy the Anarchi$t at Slackbasterd not only collect information on Left Wing and Pro Palestinian groups they also harass White Nationalists as a cover. How many times readers have you heard them say how closely they work with authorities?

Readers of this article will also be well aware of the roll the MI5 played in the covert running of the British arm of C18.


But a police informant who had infiltrated the party said it was the work of MI5.The covert operative told us security chiefs ordered the leak to halt the party’s rise in power.He said Combat 18 splinter groups within the BNP are hellbent on violence against Muslims, prompting spooks to take action.

Anarchi$t @ndy's Army

Lately Whitelaw Staff has added to our standard format articles from around the world. It would seem that Whitelaw Towers has got a rather large fan base world wide so it was decided to include news and articles that would be of interest to them also.

But seeing as we are an Australian Based group we promise that we will keep our WN/NS fans in Aussie up to date with the Anarchists and Marxist in our once proud country.
Below you will find a collection of photos never before seen of the Anarchist Scum from Melbourne. Special thanks must go to our friends in Victoria who are like so many other contributors to Whitelaw the true unsung heroes of the movement.

Special note. Whitelaw staff would be very interested in any information on the older Anarchists pictured at the right (old duck in front old bloke with backpack). These two rather normal looking people would be highly placed in the Melbourne Anarchist circles. Funny I just can’t seem to picture them throwing bombs. We would wager that this odd couple are well known to Anarchi$t @ndy.

This group of proud "anarchists" attended the Melbourne Climate Change Rally held earlier in the year. Upon being challenged as to their beliefs they were shown up as the hypocrites and frauds that they are. The stick wearing the Aboriginal motif was keen to impart on us his support for Aboriginals in having their own land including the permit system. So he said, it was their choice to be able to decide who and who does not enter their lands. So if aboriginals in Arnhem land want to keep out those "whites" bringing in Gunja and alcohol then they are within their rights.

Challenged if such principles could be allowed for all earth’s inhabitants the WN present were condemned for suggesting such a racist thing. Whites were evil, conquerors and colonizers therefore if their nations were filled with concepts and items they did not ask for such as liberal democracy, immigration, anti free speech laws TOO BAD

Very peaceful they are too, the young blonde anarchist after much vein bulging as her beliefs were stripped bare admitted that if they were in ‘power’, she would shoot us even if we existed alone and separate to their utopia.

The blonde male, showed his true colors and honor as a human with plentiful displays of spitting on the pavement as he made his points.

Upon one such mouthful of spittle hitting the malnourished dog kept on a rope by the chubby purple-headed singing anarchist, a short argument developed between them.

Further, the blond male sought to distance himself from the blonde female's admittance of the desire to shoot us, and appeared quite annoyed that she had let out the truth. Namely hate. Hate of anyone who doesn’t accept his or her narrow vision for humanity.

Wait till this rather confused female above finds out that Anarchi$t @ndy is a double agent working for Australian Intelligence groups. I reckon she is the toughest one we have seen so far.

This little madam was present at APEC where she joined the Marx brothers and the Hags of Marxism in following after members of the New Right as they departed the protest. Attempting to take pictures of the activists she was caught out herself. A snotty nosed little toff, this individual has been seen many times at events in Melbourne and Sydney.

Anarchist @ndy the Government Informer.

Well how many times have we said at Whitelaw how suspicious it is that @ndy the Anarchist works with the State to attack White Nationalists? An Anarchist working with the State? So what is an Anarchist?

“Anarchism is a political philosophy encompassing theories and attitudes which support the elimination of all compulsory government, i.e. the state. Specific anarchists may have additional criteria for what constitutes anarchism, and they often disagree with each other on what these criteria are. According to The Oxford Companion to Philosophy, "there is no single defining position that all anarchists hold, beyond their rejection of compulsory government, and those considered anarchists at best share a certain family resemblance".

There are many types and traditions of anarchism, not all of which are mutually exclusive.Anarchism is usually considered to be a radical left-wing ideology,and as such much of anarchist economics and legal philosophy reflect anti-authoritarian interpretations of communism, collectivism, syndicalism or participatory economics; however, anarchism has always included an individualist strain,[9] including those who support capitalism (e.g. market anarchists: anarcho-capitalism, agorism, etc.) and other market-orientated economic structures (e.g. mutualists). s described by the 21st century anarchist Cindy Milstein, anarchism is a "political tradition that has consistently grappled with the tension between the individual and society."

Others, such as panarchists and anarchists without adjectives neither advocate nor object to any particular form of organization. Anarchist schools of thought differ fundamentally, supporting anything from extreme individualism to complete collectivism. Some anarchists have vocally opposed all types of coercion, while others have supported the use of some coercive measures, including violent revolution, on the path to anarchy”.

Ok so we get the idea? Anti state Anti Government throw in a bit of individulasim and a touch of collectivism. On the face of it you could say they have a fair bit in common with the average National Socialist and or White Nationalist. Or dare I say it the National Anarchist people @ndy hates so much.

So to be an anarchist it would be fair to assume that you would not sell out your principles? I mean how could you be an anarchist and work with the state. Or how could you be an anarchist and rub shoulders with Capitalists or Zionists? I mean would you not be turning your back on the core anarchists principles? Of course the answer is yes.

So what type of person would claim to be an anarchist and yet not observe the traditional role of an anarchist? A fraud maybe?

Now in any other political movement left or right the believers of what ever “ism” usually follow the basic belief of their chosen political persuasion. Yet no place in history has an Anarchist ever worked with the state. So what is @ndy? He sure as shit aint a Anarchist.

Now who makes up @ndy’s list of friends? Who does @ndy support? Lets have a look. Well on his site he tells us a little about his chums at FDB.

“Mathew Henderson-Hau is a member of the Australian Greens.

In Melbourne, the group nominated Cam Smith, a multi-media producer and radio journalist, as its spokesperson. Donald Oorst, a part-time academic and author, represented the group in Perth.

In Aotearoa / New Zealand, the public faces of the group were the lawyer Robert Trigan and political activist Asher Goldman. (NB. Trigan left FDB (and New Zealand) in July 2005.)Brian Stokes has also acted as a spokesperson for the group. "

Interesting the only one we can see here that would fit the anarchist description is our old friend Asher Ash Goldman. You remember Asher readers he posted this in @ndy’s comment section only a few weeks back. I think he may be a bit sus on @ndy and his mates at FDB.

Asher Jul 29th, 2008 at 11:43 pm Quotes like this:
Gerry Gable, of anti-fascist magazine Searchlight said: “Antifa like getting stuck in basically. They are related to groups in Germany and other parts of Europe. They will confront Nazis wherever they find them. They’re really quite intimidating and scary.”
Make me wonder if Gerry has totally lost his memory in his old age - that’s exactly what he used to do with the 43 Group, before he sold out and started cooperating with the British State and its “intelligence” services… *sigh*

Dr. Cam Jul 30th, 2008 at 12:27 am

He’s not exactly condemning them, Ash

Asher Jul 30th, 2008 at 9:45 pm
Cam - No, he really is. He’s also known for ratting out AFA activists to the British intelligence services, back in the day - no reason to think it isn’t still happening with antifa too.

Dr. Cam Jul 31st, 2008 at 4:00 am
I rat you guys out to intelligence services all the time. Are you saying that’s not cool?

@ndy Jul 31st, 2008 at 4:58 am
Uh-oh: I think we both may be in trouble Doctor.”

So it would seem that @ndy is aware of Gerry Gable? Hell @ndy is a core member at FDB he would be privy to a lot of info. Let alone his knowledge from being Australia’s number one expert in Anarchism.

Posted by Mathew Henderson Hau “Darp”.
Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 12:58 am Post subject: Just who is 'IN' FDB?

Just a gentle reminder dear readers that being 'IN' FDB comes as a result of the senior and founding members voting you in. If anyone is out there running their own antifa activities, good on them. The only people who can do stuff in the name of FDB are myself, Anarchia, Balaclava, Weez, Bana, Cam, Don, Blair Peach, Raz, Aketus, Rooster, Harry, @ndy.

Now it is well noted that Mathew Henderson Hau founder of Fight Dem back admitted in an interview with an Australian News paper that he had modeled Fight Dem back on the British Anti fa group “Searchlight”. Gee Asher you must be truly feeling a little stupid by now. But is Asher in on the scam also. He is a Jew just like Searchlights founder Gerry Gable.

Lets recap. @ndy is a self proclaimed Anarchist and is a senior founding member of Fight Dem back. Now in the past Fight Dem Back have bragged about relationships with Australian Law Enforcement. Especially Cam Smith who bragged openly that he and FDB were working closely with the Federal police after the Cronulla Riots.

Lets not forget Donald Orst from Perth who also was caught out working with the Western Australian Task Force that was looking for JVT in 2006. Donald was also involved in making false and misleading complaints to ASIO along with his Melbourne bum chum Cam Smith. Old Cam Smith used his Police connections in Melbourne to smear a Senior White Nationalist in Australia.

Not real bright these state informers. But neither is Gerry Gabel from Searchlight. Hardly what I would call Anarchists. May I suggest that the evidence shows that FDB are more likely State Sponsored Informers than anarchists or your typical left-winger?

Sorta puts @ndy aka Andrew Moran aka slackbastard in a bit of a jam? Whitelaw staff is aware that the Queensland chapter of the Red Anarchist Action Network has taken up digs in Victoria. Our guess to get closer to the King Informer @ndy. I wonder how much information he has sourced from those young Anarchists and then passed onto the Feds? The mind boggles.

Lets have a look at the Anti Fa in the UK and the Anarchists you will see a pattern.

Breakdown of the united front

The 'united front' where activists worked together started to break down as the 1990s progressed. The relationship with Searchlight started to turn sour. Anarchists had not trusted Searchlight since at least the early 1980's - when articles in anarchist papers examined Searchlight's then editor Gerry Gable's links with Special Branch (alleging a 'something for something' relationship – i.e. Searchlight would give details to the State, and not just about fascists).

In 1993 Searchlight ran a smear campaign against anarchists - in particular against specific DAM and Class War members - alleging they were really fascists. This probably wasn't a coincidence now there were alternatives to AFA to back. From the mid-1990's Red Action - who had previously had a very close relationship with Searchlight - began more and more to take the line that association with Searchlight was becoming a liability - with Searchlight increasingly providing misinformation and trying to manipulate AFA for its own agenda .

Relationships between Red Action and anarchists also began to break down. In London , state interest in Red Action at this time seemed more than just paranoia, and anarchists were obviously being kept out of the loop. Workers Power left for the ANL, many independents left, and, increasingly, London AFA was moving from an alliance run mainly by Red Action, to one consisting more or less exclusively of Red Action.

In Glasgow - around late 1992 - relationships between anarchists and Glasgow Red Action deteriorated to the extent that anarchists felt compelled to organise a separate meeting. At least two anarchists leaving the meeting were physically attacked by Red Action members. One of the organisers of the meeting - a committed anti-fascist of long standing - was later falsely smeared as a police grass in Red Action's paper 'Red Action' .

So why would an Anarchist such as @ndy align himself to a group that claimed from the very beginning that it intended to model itself on Searchlight? Something for something is a very interesting term.

Are we to believe that FDB who has also claimed in the past of its high-ranking legal professional connections works for the state for free? Lets be clear here FDB and @ndy have and do co-operate with ASIO and State and Federal Police to frame and set up Australians. Yes folks Australians who have more in common with Anarchism than these frauds.

Why would @ndy and his mates from FDB spend so much time attacking groups such as the National Anarchists? An Anarchist group that supports the rights of all peoples no matter of race in their fight against the Capitalists. Yep they attack the people who clearly are making a stand against the “US Imperialists”. I bet the National Anarchists don’t talk and share info with ASIO.

What about a direct link to the UK and Searchlight? OK we can do that. Check out the UK’s one and only confused Anti Fascist group Unity News. This hate site is nothing more than a Zionist love fest. FDB’s UK contact Denise plays a prominent role as the local right wing lesbian.

It has been suggested that FDB’s own Anti Zionist Jew Asher Goldman spent some time with this Pro Zionist group while he was over in the UK recently. What would FDB core member from New Zealand have to talk about with a bunch of right wing Zionists? Oh yeah just before he took off to his Home Land Israel. While Asher was hanging out with the real pro Palestinians in Israel was he working for his Zionist masters? Or is he also a victim of this rather elaborate scam by Australia’s own Searchlight.

How impressed local Anarchists and pro Palestinian groups in Australia must be to see FDB and @ndy’s site Slack Bastard listed with Searchlight over at Unity News.

DIRTY TRICKS AGAINST THE LEFT (and it wasn’t us go figure).

Searchlight have shown themselves willing and able to play their part in dirty tricks against the Left, especially anarchists, something obviously related but not reducible to, the Stalinist origins of many Searchlight personnel.

In 1985 close Searchlight associate journalist David Rose printed lies about the militant anarchist group 'Class War' implying they were 'run by former leading figures in the National Front.' lies he later admitted came from Searchlight.

A couple of weeks later, Rose (who is always very well informed as to the opinions of Special Branch) retracted this specific charge in the course of making more general insinuations about Class War.

The (intended) damage had been done, and the recently formed street-oriented 'Anti Fascist Action' suspended Class War's membership, and set up a Commission of Enquiry. When AFA's report into the matter was finally published in 1986, they exonerated Class War, and had this to say'Despite the leading role of Searchlight magazine in the affair, and despite many approaches to the magazine for evidence, the sum total of material from Searchlight to the enquiry was nil.
We are bemused by Searchlight's role in this affair. They shouldn't have been bemused: this was yet another instance of Searchlight running errands on behalf of the state, disorganizing the anti-fascist movement by spreading disinformation.

A fascinating article in the now defunct International Times (IT) illuminated the state operation against Class War and the similarity of specific lies spread by Gable to those coming more directly from the state .

When the IT reporters caught up with Gable, he repeated the assertion that 'Class War is being manipulated by the state There was, needless to say, no evidence for this in the slightest, but the episode shows how, as IT speculated 'Gable is using Searchlight's street-credibility and Fleet-street credibility to spread rumours about anarchists This is precisely the point -- by getting close to militant anti-fascists, Searchlight have been able, not just to spy on them, but disseminate tit-bits of genuine information, and thereby use this leverage to more effectively aid state operations of various kinds, including those against sections of the Left.

The first lies about Class War surfaced in 1985 in the aftermath of the Brixton riots which had followed the shooting by police of a black woman in her home. In October 1994 there was again rioting on the streets of London, this time against the Criminal Justice Bill (now Act) which curtailed many political and civil rights.

As sure as night follows day, the lies about Class War were recycled, and one instance, not sourced to Searchlight freely admitted the state was the origin of the fantasies. It was reported that 'Special Branch officers believe that Class War itself has been infiltrated by elements of the extreme right ... in an attempt to stir up violence and thus encourage draconian laws banning all public protest.

That this story does not mention Searchlight shows very well the ultimate source of the disinformation being the state and not them. Which is not to say they didn't get in on the act: regular team associate Julian Kossoff in Time Out quoted Gable without criticism as stating that 'one of the leading members of Class War in the '80s fed information to the far right.' Kossoff supplemented this clear reference to Tim Scargill with his own slur: that 'Class War has attracted fascists to its ranks with their own sinister motives for creating chaos.' In this (ongoing) operation against anarchists, Searchlight have only been one (albeit at times crucial) conduit. Not all 'favours' Searchlight perfoms in this way are on behalf of the national state or security agencies.

A good example of a 'ground setting' operation intended to have local effects were the smears against anarchist squatters describing them as heavily infiltrated by nazis in Hackney (East London) which began in January 1988 and culminated in a lying one page spread in the March 1988 issue, which came just a couple of days after a massive police operation evicted the squatters. It shows how useful Searchlight were to the local (Labour) Council in suppressing Left-field dissent and sowing dissention between the squatters and potential supporters.

I think it’s rather strange that Searchlight would attack Class War? Class War and Nazis? Sounds like the FDB tactic used on the National Anarchists. Not to mention the cozy relationship between Searchlight and the Labor movement in the UK. A bit like Mathew Henderson founder of FDB working in the New South Wales State Labor office while hunting down Nazis in 2005/2007. This is all clearly documented here and at Victor Whitelaw.

Back to the UK

“It was a victory because we all worked together,” said Liam Smith, the Labor Party agent. “The Labor Party, Searchlight and the unions have formed a great team together and this sets us in good stead for next year’s all-out local elections.”

It will be interesting to see what happens after the electoral commission finish its investigation into @ndy and FDB after the attempted smear on Australia First in the last NSW council elections. Will they find a Labor party Black Hand involved?

Well that’s a fair bit for you guys to chew over. But a few things must be said. Whitelaw and many other Australian White Nationalists deserve answers. Hell they expect to be fronted by the left. In fact many believe this to be a greatly respected part of our democracy. We are the right they are the left. We clash.

We also understand that many of our beliefs overlap, but when it comes to race and nation we split onto a differing path. Nationalists in this country ask that if we are going to debate or fight with the left that it should be the left that we fight not the state disguised as the left. At this moment the traditional left and the right have been fooled. We are all the victims here left and right.

To all the Anarchists that are reading this. I say you better clean up your own camp first or you will all end up in the same prison cell as us.