Friday, January 23, 2015

Andy Flemming, Just another WTF moment.

Well we are at a loss. Seems someone is better at keeping an eye on these deranged Anarchist than us. We tip our hat.

A reader stumbled across the following video on a Face Book page set up by Civic Nationalists in response to the Orwellian War on Terror. Apparently there is one thing Andy Flemming and his alias @ndy Slackbastard hate more than the evil fash, its these guys. 

Now this video along with Sherman Burgess claims, rang a bell with us. It also reminded us of the attempted stitch up on Reclaim and Australia First on Andy Flemming's Anarchist Blog Slackbastard. Below is screen shot from his article on January 16 this year.

As we all know Andy Flemming is a pro at making shit stick. But if you watched the video above you will notice how "The Great Aussie Patriot" also claims to have "moles" passing info onto him and the Reclaim Group. If this is true, again we tip our hat.  

Spy versus Spy as it would appear.  Both groups like working with ASIO and the Federal Police to fight their enemy.  One group is pro Islam, destroy the state at any cost, the other not. 

That may come as shock to some of these Civic Patriots/Nationalists but its true. Good old Andy Flemming and his friends have often bragged about handing over so called intel concerning White or Right wing groups in Australia to the same people Reclaim does, Here

On January 10 this year, Andy Flemming's Face Book page Slackbastard, made the following warning to his Anarchists and Antifa friends " Fake Nazi account treat accordingly". So it certainly was with a huge smile on our face when we read the following screenshots today on the Reclaim Newcastle FB page. 

I dont think it could be anymore clearer, do you?

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