Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dr Robert Sparrow of Monash University is Andy Fleming.

Andy Fleming is dead. The search is over. The cynics will argue, “But you’ve said this so many times before”. They will inevitably ask, “Are you REALLY sure?” Meanwhile, the other side will predictably protest, “That’s NOT Andy! You're just silly nutzis! You’re about to endanger a good man’s career!” To ALL of that we say, “Yarblockos! Big bolshy yarblockos to thee and thine.” And of course we’d be speaking Nadsat, the teenage argot created by author of A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess, and we are free to do so because…

Yep, just because.

See, the indefatigable investigative crew of Whitelaw Towers Detective Agencies ™ have had our work done for us by a good old fashioned whistle-blower (by the way, a big THANKS to that anonymous person). The search ended with a private message to our chairman. Thereafter a certain self-seeking nitwit got hold of a piece of evidence and was wrongly accredited with its discovery (by himself, eh GAP) but that’s irrelevant because the important thing is that the message gets out there. Still, Shermon Burgess, you're a self-promoting dill who has taken credit for something that wasn't yours to take credit for.

Andy is no more. There is only Rob Sparrow
Here then, we offer our first piece: the VOICE comparison.

And thus, the differences between the two voices are simply the fact that on JJJ Sparrow is talking via telephone and then being broadcast over air, while on the other he is directly in a studio...

It is the same person, NO question. And if you WOULD question, then you're up against the unlikely margin of magical universe probabilities. For instance, this Sparrow comes from a militantly leftist family with a brother who's an anarchist writer that just happens to be mates with Andy Fleming’s former partner Cam Smith; he writes leftist screeds; and he’s rabidly quoted by his online persona in the shape of the crew he has manning the ‘Andy Fleming’ persona of Slackbastard.

Sparrow even ADDRESSED THE MELBOURNE ANARCHIST CENTRE. We have him here, in Melbourne, with his poofy ear-rings, and then we have Andy, in Melbourne, a militant anarchist… And now for the final ‘coincidence’ they just happen to sound EXACTLY THE SAME. Hmmmmm.

How do you think a BLOGGER like Andy ever got to be a much-quoted and interviewed source in the first instance? Do editors of major news organisations generally have their stories attributable to anonymous non-achievers posting on the sub-ether of the Internet on the matter of subterranean politics? NO, they DON’T.

Do FRENCH ACADEMICS co-author academic texts with non-peer reviewed non-academics? NO THEY DON’T. Do celebrated journalists and authors typically hang out with unpublished, unaccomplished nobodies simply because they happen to like the cut of their political jib? NO THEY DON’T.

Thus, the rest is irrelevant. Andy is dead and finished as far as we on the Aussie Nat Right are concerned. But things are about to get mighty hot for Dr Robert Sparrow, who must now answer for his double life as a political agitator to his Monash University superiors. And sucked so very much in, Robert Sparrow and Co, because you’ve ruined so many lives in your quest to crush an alternative discussion on politics in this country.

And we shall NEVER forget, or forgive.
Today is one of those days that just beggars belief. Although we have been telling people since 2005 that groups like the Socialist Alliance and Anti Racism NGO's work directly for the State, today will be all the proof you have ever needed. 

Considering Australia's biggest Union the "CFMEU" (the strong arm of the Australian Labor Party) is being called upon time and time again to support and bolster the limp wrested left.  One can only suggest the problem is bigger than you think. Hell the only person missing from this is Lenin.

The above pictures from the last counter Reclaim Rally held in Brisbane early this month. Again undeniable proof that the Labor Party thugs the CFMEU, are heavily involved in assisting Anarchist in the violent silencing at times of the working class in this country.

CFMEU thugs attack citizens legally demonstrating in Brisbane. Disgraced CFMEU official, stand over man and violent felon Luke Collier. Pictured in the black cap foreground, attacking Nationalists with other CFMEU members in high viz, Brisbane 2014.

So its of no surprise that the Violent Anarchist gangs such as "No Room For Racism"  will be defending the State Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews today. Along with silencing political decent, they are protecting the State set agendas the majority are being FORCED to accept. Just no guns at this stage. So much for Democracy!

In the video above that spurred on today's protest. The Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews clearly ignores all the evidence of violence from the Left, then goes onto blaming and petty name calling of Patriots for using their right to free speech. Blaming them for violent counter rally's carried out by the very same groups he protects and refuses to condemn.  Using his position in public office to attack every day Australians simply because they have chosen to protect their Country, Heritage and culture from Progressive Nation Wreckers as seen above.
Red Left hand.

So today's demo has nothing to do with Racism, Religion or bigotry. Its a reaction to the Premiers video made early this week. It is purely political. So who do you think is turning up to shield the Labor Premier from critical voices? Keep in mind this has nothing to with Islam, Racism or Fascism. The Anarchist,the CFMEU, the Marxists and of course the Communists. And you wonder why the guys from the UPF are taking it to the streets. 

 It all makes for very, very interesting New Year.

This from Andy Fleming, the guy who hasn't stepped away from behind his keyboard for over 10 years. This from the guy who the State protects.
Like it or not Antifa are the Red Guard of a sick and twisted all controlling State. Take it from us, we have been watching their growth and observing their tactics for over ten years.

A few things of note.

1. The king of the Antifa Mafia Andy Fleming, has been in his position as puppet master for as long as we have been monitoring him.

2. His involvement with Government intelligence agency's, State run media, Political figures from Labor, Greens and the defunct Australian Democrats is well known, yet ignored by his followers.

3. His use of Unions, in particular the CFMEU goes well back to 2005. It was back then they first issued threats on behalf of these thugs in Australian Trades Unions.

4. Antifa has been working openly with Islamic groups since 2005. Culminating in the creation of the original antifa group then called "Fight Dem Back" that was established after the Cronulla Uprising in 2005. 

Most importantly, the lack of action or collusion with the State, has seen his threats of violence and intimidation encourage them to violently confront Nationalists and average Australians. After 10 years of failing to carry out any actual violence, the tactic has now change.

Before Cronulla, 10 years ago, they simply did not exist. But after Australians stood up and said enough, the State sponsored left and its many Anti racism NGOs swung into action. Since then they have been steadily targeting any Australian who dares question the State and its policy of White Genocide and Nation wrecking. Since the Uprising 10 years ago, the State and its tentacles have created a mythical army of  Evil Nazi hordes and secret agents of the Gestapo. Burning crosses every night across this great Southern Land. Terrorizing innocent non whites, Muslims and Jews. They must be stopped at all cost, even if it means killing them.
Understand, since these groups were mobilized 10 years ago. They have been busy gathering information on anyone who has dared to speak openly against the destruction of this Nation. Thousands upon thousands of names, places of work, everything you need to know about a person to shame into silence or bankrupt them, has been filed for future reprisals. But now things have changed, we are now seeing the real reason for Andy Flemings army of intelligence gatherers. They want you dead, so do their allies, the Jihadists. 

Again the lack of action from the state back in 2014 has done more to encourage them, it is the trigger for a new tactic of outright violence. They are not wasting time and its just the start.

So on Friday when everyone was looking the other way, Antifa and its thugs from the CFMEU quietly celebrated another victory. No doubt you missed it, as the circus surrounding Cronulla was in full swing. You probably missed the fact that CFMEU thugs connected to Andy Fleming, supporting his Red Guard, got away with a crime that many of us would like to see avenged. It was this pivotal moment back in 2014 that sent the signal out to antifa. The message was clear, you have a free hand, put down the rebellion.

NEMESIS and the SCALES of JUSTICE - The Fight Goes On!

May 2nd last year, blood soaked the wattle, as our sacred Southern Cross was held defiantly in the hands of patriots whom are always prepared to die for the people and our most sacred struggle. Golden Dawn and Australia First Party marched in solidarity against the illegal imprisonment of duly elected members of Greek parliament, and a direct blatant breach of Article 62 of the Hellenic Constitution.

From kangaroo courts, to state approved violence on the streets of Athens, to assassination, and even bombings, ANTIFA anarchists and communists as the state approved street enforcers not only get away with their most depraved crimes, but they are funded and supported at the highest levels of "government".

Corruption runs deep, not only in Greece, but within the very halls of power here in Australia, the claimed "lucky country". From within the unions, to even the magistrates court. Today we were reminded why we stand. The message today was loud and clear. If a street enforcer of dictatorial state promulgated globalist dictated policy, then violence is not only okay, it has the states stamp of approval.

Once again, we saw a violent offender (Joe Myles) with a long history of violent stand over tactics as a union heavy, and known underworld career criminal, get handed a get out of jail free card, whilst video and photographic evidence was thrown out of court. Why? Apparently a technicality has seen to it that video evidence is considered not evidence at all, and that due to the delay in retrieving the video data, it is no longer valid and cannot be proven without a shadow of a doubt that the career criminal Joe Myles is on the video, even though his face is in full view of the camera engaging in a brutal attack that saw an elderly gentleman hospitalized in emergency, with complications due to the grievous injuries lingering even long after the attack. We have been kept in the dark from the outset. Constitutional law and victim protection and rights be damned. That fact that both witnesses ended up walking straight into the same location where the violent offender was celebrating his victory over his victims and law and justice over drinks, speaks volumes.

From extensive delays in session to secret meetings, multiple witnesses being dismissed, and not one of the two remaining victim witnesses even taking the stand. The whole state of affairs reeks of absolute corruption and collusion at the highest levels.

But, this fight is not over, not by a long shot! If these criminal elements, including those in positions of authority from government to judges, think they can get away with this travesty of justice, they are delusional. There will be recompense for their most grave crimes and collusion.

In ancient Greek mythology, Nemesis is the goddess of divine retribution, and Adrestia justice, 'she who cannot be escaped', the goddess of revolt, just retribution and sublime balance between good and evil. Adrestia's punishment is symmetric, while Nemesis's punishment is asymmetric, and that includes every individual whom consciously prevents the course of justice.

The disturbed order and balance will be harmonized and thus restored.
It may not come straight away, but the toll will be paid in full. Let this be a warning to all those whom stand in the way of righteousness and justice. The blood of the innocent, the wrongly incarcerated, the countless dead martyrs, from Athens to across the European world will be heard. Nemesis will ensure there is retribution, Adrestia will have her payment in full.

As a corrupt political Regime dies, so does its State Judiciary System.

Let it be remembered, one does not have to believe in balance or the divine to make it so, or for balance to be restored. Those whom fight to bring retribution, restore balance and justice are indeed the champions of Nemesis and Adrestia. You fight for Justice far more effectively, after you experience the pain of Injustice. Symbolically and morally and by direct action of the righteous, truly these champions are afforded the hands and authority of the divine.

"So we must fly a rebel flag
As others did before us.
And we must sing a rebel song,
And join a rebel chorus.
We’ll make the tyrants feel the sting
O’those they would throttle.
They needn’t say the fault was ours
If blood should stain the wattle." ~Henry Lawson

"Morality and self-restraint can be achieved only through education in a civilized society, because man in the raw state of existence may become a savage when he is not self-sufficient. The negative influence in a society owes its allegiance to the modification of the instinct of self-preservance in to amour propre or huffiness of the uneducated, that leads him to compare himself with others, so as to fetch his pleasure through their pain and misery." - J. J. Rousseau (1712-1778), 'The Social Contract', 1762.

So it stops here. 

I best explain to our international subscribers and casual travelers the above plug Andy Fleming recently posted. First you may not be aware of who Andy Fleming is. He has gone by a few names over the years. When we first came across Andy he was the co-founding  member of the now defunct anti racist terror gang called 'Fight Dem Back". Back then his name was simply @ndy Slackbastard. When he and his crew weren't blackmailing Nationalist he busied himself with stalking them online.

After the demise of FDB thanks to the illegal activities of his group and the general walloping they received from this blog, he decided to go it alone and promote his Slackbastard page. Initially he pulled his head in and stuck with the standard stuff pushing his Anarchist beliefs and generally making a fool of himself. Publishing total lies and seriously erroneous information. As a matter of fact the information he was publishing on the Australian Right was so outdated and factually flawed it was hard not to correct him. I guess looking back we probably should have.

Right up until the popularity of Golden Dawn took hold in Australian Nationalists circles, he was just about to walk away.  It all seemed so pointless. Running up to the  protest in 2014 by Australia First in Brisbane Andy, better known then as Slackbastard found  his passion again of passing on false and misleading information. By this time it was well known that he and his good friend Campbell Smith, AKA Cam Smith, AKA Dr Sexinhiemer were in fact feeding this bias and incorrect information openly with the Australian Federal Police and ASIO. They even admitted it by stating they have had to corrected their information on many occasions. His rhetoric had hit fever pitch by time the AF demo had materialized. 

Using his position on the  government funded left wing radio station 3CR. Andy not only fabricated a whole complete falsity of what the demo was about, he also claimed that people attending were anti Union and supporters of one of the most corrupt and arrogant Premiers that has ever held a position in the Queensland Government.  By doing this he mobilized his mates in the CFMEU.

By now Andy had to have a real name so he could sell his poison to the media. In walks Andy Fleming. This guy has since been used time and time again by Main Stream Media as an expert source on the Far Right of Australia. Yet he never reveals his real name.

With the rise of Reclaim, Andy was well and truly placed by his friends at the top as the expert on all things Right of the Liberal Party. In fact every reporter who has written anything about Reclaim, UPF or the Far Right (totally different animal) seeks his council and allows his lies to go to print or air unquestioned. His lies are constantly sourced and never investigated but always put forward by left wing reporters.

So we have a bomb throwing self confessed Anarchist supporting Islamic groups. Islamic Groups and individuals he has attempted on many occasions to radicalize into attacking Nationalist and Patriots on his behalf. This guy has been behind every violent counter demo held against Patriots and the Far Right since the Golden Dawn Rally in 2014 . Believe me when I say, this is a very short analysis of this self confessed Anarchist Jew.

Now he is once again using the Australia Broadcast Corporation the ABC, another solely Government funded media source to spread his lies. This guy who goes by an assumed name with no credentials at all besides the above, will have the ear once again of the Australian public. I think we should all be concerned about that. 

But Andy Fleming would be nothing without the support he receives from his network of fellow travelers deeply embedded in the media and the State. He is so well protected that warnings have been given on two occasions from Australian Intelligence of the sever consequences that will befall any individual who actually puts a real name to this agent. 

So now we see how the state intends on spreading its agenda across this country. I think its everyone's duty to stay informed and be vigilant of these types of State Agents.   

"Terrified White Students Barricade Themselves in Classroom from Hundreds of "activated" Racist Blacks shouting “All white people get out or else we will kill you” - guess the blacks got the message when the President of the country, Zuma, sings "Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer" on a public podium...

In this video made by Cape Town student Anne Landman, a group of white students had barricaded themselves in a classroom against hundreds of black rioters outside. She explains on her FB page:

"So this happened. I stopped filming before things got out of hand as we were scared they would damage property, which they did. Hundreds of rioters outside those doors. People were cornered and taunted. Some of our students were beaten up for trying to keep the doors closed. The doors are now broken. They stormed in with balaclavas on, shouting horrible things in our direction. Quote of the day “All white people get out or else we will kill you”. Sorry for the language in the video but we were all panicking a bit in there. What has this country come to?"

Yes Australia's own  Social Justice warrior and all round State appointed asset Andy Fleming, thinks this is just great news. If he could only do this in Australia....

Friday, January 23, 2015

Andy Flemming, Just another WTF moment.

Well we are at a loss. Seems someone is better at keeping an eye on these deranged Anarchist than us. We tip our hat.

A reader stumbled across the following video on a Face Book page set up by Civic Nationalists in response to the Orwellian War on Terror. Apparently there is one thing Andy Flemming and his alias @ndy Slackbastard hate more than the evil fash, its these guys. 

Now this video along with Sherman Burgess claims, rang a bell with us. It also reminded us of the attempted stitch up on Reclaim and Australia First on Andy Flemming's Anarchist Blog Slackbastard. Below is screen shot from his article on January 16 this year.

As we all know Andy Flemming is a pro at making shit stick. But if you watched the video above you will notice how "The Great Aussie Patriot" also claims to have "moles" passing info onto him and the Reclaim Group. If this is true, again we tip our hat.  

Spy versus Spy as it would appear.  Both groups like working with ASIO and the Federal Police to fight their enemy.  One group is pro Islam, destroy the state at any cost, the other not. 

That may come as shock to some of these Civic Patriots/Nationalists but its true. Good old Andy Flemming and his friends have often bragged about handing over so called intel concerning White or Right wing groups in Australia to the same people Reclaim does, Here

On January 10 this year, Andy Flemming's Face Book page Slackbastard, made the following warning to his Anarchists and Antifa friends " Fake Nazi account treat accordingly". So it certainly was with a huge smile on our face when we read the following screenshots today on the Reclaim Newcastle FB page. 

I dont think it could be anymore clearer, do you?

So how is that Multiculturalism working out for you in Australia?

Terrorists plan on beheading Australian just for shits and giggles.

First the suspected terrorist are not white Australians, go figure.
Above Australian.
 Below scum bag
Mohamed “Moey” Elomar, 29 — Fighting with IS in Iraq, just so happens to think he is Australian.

 Easy to spot the difference?

Now over the past 10 years, people such as myself and others connected to this Blog have been questioned time and time again by ASIO and the Federal Police. Claims from Anarchists, Antifa and Anti Racists of the threat to National Security we pose prompted action from the authorities. What threat did we actually pose? Simple we spoke out against mass immigration into this country. We spoke openly about the threat to our nation our culture and our future. We dared to distribute flyers to try and warn our fellow Australians to the unique peril Multiculturalism posses to our way of life. 

Meanwhile Antifa, in particular @ndy Slackbastard and his side kick Cam Smith openly embraced assistance from the Islamic community in not only having White patriots attacked but also gave false and misleading information to ASIO and the Federal Police concerning writers from this blog, members from Storm Front Down Under, Members from Australia First and anyone else out there who spoke about real issues of mass third world immigration into the west. 

Lets be perfectly clear here. These people have successfully played both sides. They have used their friends in the CFMEU, Australian Labour Party, Australian Greens and the now defunct Australian Democrats. Used them to pressure authorities to break up any resistance to their all out plan to change the face of the West forever.  While using the state to silence their opposition, they have gone about radicalizing our youth in preparation for god only knows what. While ASIO runs around collecting data on White Nationalists, data sourced from Antifa and other assorted Anarchists. The real threat has been allowed to grow and now become a very real problem. 

Now its only early times for this story. We cant say for sure what is true and whats State sponsored media hype. Media hype that is designed to have this tiny nation commit to more meaningless wars for Israel and its Proxy State the United States.   More wars that further infuriate even more Muslims. Not just ones that are now living here. "Islam is the dominant religion in Indonesia, which also has a larger Muslim population than any other country in the world, with approximately 202.9 million identified as Muslim (88.2% of Indonesia's total population of 237 million). Shit hey, anyone else see a problem here? 

Australian terror raids: AFP, ASIO move on suspected terrorists


"A PUBLIC execution of a random Australian was designed to shock the community, a Sydney court has heard.

Details of the alleged plot have emerged as the first man charged after this morning’s terror raids has appeared in Sydney Local Court on one charge to act in preparation/planning for terrorist attack.
Lawyers for Omarjan Azari, 22, said he would make no application for bail.
Azari is accused of conspiring with Mohammed Ali Baryalei, the most senior Australian involved in Islamic State."

 “It’s a horrifying thought...There are people among us that means us harm.”

Now you can all go and read  the full story from the MSM if you like. Its not like white nationalists haven't been warning the public about this type of behavior since the end of the white Australia policy. 

So who benefits? Well if you are a White Nationalists like us sadly not us. For us to benefit it would have to actually happen. Something so horrifying that the reaction from White Australia would certainly end any and all Non White immigration to this country. So that wont happen, not as long as the Jews are busy making sure that the flow of  pissed off victims keep getting sent to the west. 

So prepare for the Orwellian onslaught, prepare for the Israel First types to do something stupid in the name of patriotism, prepare for war.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I wonder who will feed @ndy? Anti Fa frauds!

Well folks in another glowing example of anti Australian anti White behavior, we find our resident Anti Racist Anarchist and all round Zionist State agent @ndy ignoring the plight of Aussie farmers. Seems Indonesian farmers are more important to the Australian Left and the Zionist Anti Fa. They really are having problems hiding their hatred for the common White Farmer or White Family in this country.

Its of no wonder when you look at this picture below. Below is a picture of Australia's own Anti Fa along with a few offspring from some notorious Jews celebrating The current Labor party's victory at the last election. The same Labor Party that is currently responsible for the destruction of Family Farm's and the high rates of suicide in rural Australia.

A happy looking lot hey.

Ignoring a real life farming crisis in their own country that of Peter Spencer HERE , should not come as a surprise. Our State agent @ndy has decided on promoting the plight of Farmers from Indonesia "Solidarity Action For Kulon Progo Farmers" instead.

This is a bloody outrage. Not only do these self styled anarchists ignore crimes against all nations from Zionism they also ignore the plight of the real working class in their own country. Not even a mention of the Rural struggle against Socialist Dictators like Kevin Rudd. But I guess the pic above explains all that. The fact that these Rural Australians are white and most probably Nationalists only guarantees their status as the enemy.

I hope you all fucking well starve first. While State and Federal Labor Governments lock up more and more Farm Land for the New World Order and plow some of the best Farming Land into a hole for Chinese owned Coal Mines, these Left Wing Jews say nothing. Not a word. I can just see @ndy sitting down to a lump of coal for breakfast instead of his Corn Flakes. What a bunch of FRAUDS.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

@ndy the Tripemaster

More filthy, stinking, toxic sludge oozing from the open latrine pit known as the ‘Slackbastard’ site. The reader needs to bear in mind, when it comes to establishing Slackbastard’s credibility, or rather lack thereof, that he recently and totally unapologetically accused an innocent man of broadcasting so-called hate material over the internet. The name, after two very lame attempts, was finally changed to one that he seems satisfied is now correct. All, as we say, with no retraction or apology apart from some preposterous claim that a diminutive avian creature whispered in his shell-like ear. Yes, shell-like, because if one were to press one’s own ear to @ndy’s we are certain one would hear the muffled roar of the ocean. Such is the vacuous nature of the head to which this particular appendage is attached.

“The ADL itself is generally hostile to anarchism, anarchists, and anarchist participation in anti-racist and anti-fascist activism, especially in its more militant forms. (At one point, the ADL classified the circle ‘A’ as a hate symbol.)"
Erm, well @ndy, it IS a 'hate symbol' just like the inverted 'Life' Rune in a circle adopted by the so-called 'Peace' activists of the Sixties. You REALLY, REALLY don'y know much about ANYTHING, do you @ndy? Folks, I'm beginning to think @ndy is the original 'boy in the bubble'.
"This reflects its statist, and otherwise politically conservative — which is to say, classically bourgeois — perspective."
Whatdafark? So now the genius that is @ndy has decreed that conservatism is synonymous with being bourgeois? When and where did this happen? Details please! What ever happened to the good old Working Class Conservatives?
" In essence, the ADL maintains that the police/state can and should protect the rights of Jews in the United States (and elsewhere), the Israeli state is the ultimate guarantor of Jewish survival, and the fight against anti-Semitism should properly be conducted within the legal and political constraints of bourgeois society.”

Just how DOES @ndy reconcile the apparent contradiction of simultaneously rejoicing (on other threads) in the outlawing of groups such as Blood & Honour and The Hammerskins AND his referral to the Jewish Terrorist Group the ADL as “statist”? @ndy has, through many of his own actions and those of his motley confederates, displayed the most outrageous contempt for freedom of any socio-political expression, apart from his own, and cooperated with the state with all the slavish obsequiousness of the very “classic bourgeois” types he pretends to despise. He is like some bitter and twisted middle aged spinster craning over the aspidistra pot, peering through the tatty lace curtains at the neighbours, and reporting their every move, both real and imagined, to the local constabulary as if national security vitally depended upon her hourly reports.

“With regards the Melbourne gig, its occurrence has met with general indifference on the part of those who might otherwise be expected to organise to oppose and to sabotage its conduct — a product, in part, of the relative obscurity and generally marginal status of boneheads in Australia, but also, on the one hand, a symptom of the yuppification (sic) of punk and other yoof (sic) subcultures, and, on the other, the near-total absence of a broader, radical left-wing movement.

Poor little @ndy. There simply isn’t enough old school bomb throwing Anarchist thugs for his liking.

“My own role”

Yes @ndy, let’s hear MORE about YOUR role. Extrapolate and elucidate. We’re all ears.

“in helping to expose such activities has resulted in death threats, threats of beatings, the publication of my alleged work address on an Internet forum frequented by boneheads, and other tomfoolery. Nevertheless, those responsible will always be held to account — one way, or another.”

Now, to me, that last “one way, or another” comment is an open threat to all White Nationalists. What it means, quite clearly, is that if @ndy and his bum chums can’t get you by legal means then they will get you by foul. What? Another Mossad contrived 'Motor Vehicle Accident'? Make no mistake. This is how the ZOG anointed Left works. You have been warned.

Ed note.

Can someone please pass on all this info that has been published about @ndy? Seems @ndy is trying to play the victim folks. What a joke. How very Zionist of you @ndy.

@ndy Slackbastard drops bomb shell. On his foot!

Funny stuff readers. Looks like @ndy has taken the offending post down. What a bloody idiot.

Not Found

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Now were is that facepalm that FDB like to use?

Donald Oorst AKA Duckmonster Founding member of FDB

"See how awesome facepalm is! dont even need words"

Brian Stokes fellow FDB founder

"it IS oarsome, dux."

Have a great weekend everyone we sure as hell will.

For you @ndy here is some different ways you can shoot yourself in the foot again via the net.

You write out all the specification of your foot, the bullet, the gun, and the relevant laws of physics, but all you can do is prove that you can shoot yourself in the foot.

You get Some teenage hacker to shoot you in the foot with ActiveX. You develop gangrene and die.

Double-click the gun icon and wait. Eventually a window opens giving a selection for guns and target areas. Click the "shoot" button and a small box appears with the note "Unable to open shoot.dll, check that path is correct."

Plenty more ways to do it Here Shooting yourself in the foot in various programming languages

@ndy all at sea…in a leaky boat…

This latest steaming dollop of tripe from Slackbastard:

Dennis McCormack ~versus~ Dennis McThomas
0 Comments Published by @ndy July 25th, 2009 in Uncategorized
Correction : A mischievous little birdy recently informed me that the host of the National Socialist Movement’s Internet radio show was Dennis McCormack. As good friends Darrin Hodges and Jim Perren rushed to inform me, it is not. Another little birdy tells me it is in fact Carl D. Thompson.

See also : Oops (March 15, 2009).

[To Be Continued...]

To be continued INDEED!

So, little birdies tell him?

It all seems a mighty strange way for the brains trust of the extreme loony Left to maintain their vital role as ZOG State informants.

Readers please note.

There is still no retraction from @ndy.

He has openly declared here that he does not actually KNOW anything for certain. He relies on ‘little birdies’ to inform him…

So far as this writer can tell there is ALSO no such person as a ‘Dennis McThomas’ involved in White Nationalist politics in Australia. If there is I apologise and wish him well. So he STILL has it wrong.

As usual, the FDB swill is proving they have all the credibility of the proverbial Three Dollar Note.

We wish the various Australian National security agencies who (apparently) employ @ndy and FDB as ‘deep throat’ sources of political intelligence on ‘evil wicked Nazis’ the best of British luck. They will need it.

A visit to the nearest mental asylum and an audience with the resident Napoleon or Jesus Christ would glean more truthful, accurate and useful ‘information’…

It reminds me of one of my all time favourite Ramones songs…

Hey Ho Let's Go!

She Talks To Rainbows

She's a little lost girl in her own little world
She looks so happy but she seems so sad
ah ah oh yea oh oh oh yea
She's a little lost girl in her own little world
I'd like to help her I'd like to try
ah ah oh yea oh oh oh yea

She talks to birds she talks to angels
she talks to trees she talks to bees
She don't talk to me
Talks to the rainbows and to the seas
she talks to the trees
She don't talk to me
Don't talk to me

You know she drives me outta my mind
You know she drives me outta my head

She talks to birds ...

She's a little lost girl in her own little world
She looks so happy but she seems so sad
ah ah oh yea oh oh oh yea
She's a little lost girl in her own little world
I'd like to help her I'd like to try
ah ah oh yea oh oh oh yea

She talks to birds she talks to angels
she talks to trees she talks to bees
She don't talk to me
Talks to the rainbows and to the seas
she talks to trees
She don't talk to me
Don't talk to me
She don't talk to me
Don't talk to me
She don't talk to me
Don't talk to me
She don't talk to me
Don't talk to me

Gabba Gabba Hey!

You're a PINHEAD @ndy

Your such a funny looking fella @ndy

Now I wonder which one is @ndy? I will go for the top pic. How about you guys. A bottle of Bundy Rum if you guess it right. I know its a tough one.