Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I wonder who will feed @ndy? Anti Fa frauds!

Well folks in another glowing example of anti Australian anti White behavior, we find our resident Anti Racist Anarchist and all round Zionist State agent @ndy ignoring the plight of Aussie farmers. Seems Indonesian farmers are more important to the Australian Left and the Zionist Anti Fa. They really are having problems hiding their hatred for the common White Farmer or White Family in this country.

Its of no wonder when you look at this picture below. Below is a picture of Australia's own Anti Fa along with a few offspring from some notorious Jews celebrating The current Labor party's victory at the last election. The same Labor Party that is currently responsible for the destruction of Family Farm's and the high rates of suicide in rural Australia.

A happy looking lot hey.

Ignoring a real life farming crisis in their own country that of Peter Spencer HERE , should not come as a surprise. Our State agent @ndy has decided on promoting the plight of Farmers from Indonesia "Solidarity Action For Kulon Progo Farmers" instead.

This is a bloody outrage. Not only do these self styled anarchists ignore crimes against all nations from Zionism they also ignore the plight of the real working class in their own country. Not even a mention of the Rural struggle against Socialist Dictators like Kevin Rudd. But I guess the pic above explains all that. The fact that these Rural Australians are white and most probably Nationalists only guarantees their status as the enemy.

I hope you all fucking well starve first. While State and Federal Labor Governments lock up more and more Farm Land for the New World Order and plow some of the best Farming Land into a hole for Chinese owned Coal Mines, these Left Wing Jews say nothing. Not a word. I can just see @ndy sitting down to a lump of coal for breakfast instead of his Corn Flakes. What a bunch of FRAUDS.

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