Tuesday, August 25, 2009

@ndy the Tripemaster

More filthy, stinking, toxic sludge oozing from the open latrine pit known as the ‘Slackbastard’ site. The reader needs to bear in mind, when it comes to establishing Slackbastard’s credibility, or rather lack thereof, that he recently and totally unapologetically accused an innocent man of broadcasting so-called hate material over the internet. The name, after two very lame attempts, was finally changed to one that he seems satisfied is now correct. All, as we say, with no retraction or apology apart from some preposterous claim that a diminutive avian creature whispered in his shell-like ear. Yes, shell-like, because if one were to press one’s own ear to @ndy’s we are certain one would hear the muffled roar of the ocean. Such is the vacuous nature of the head to which this particular appendage is attached.

“The ADL itself is generally hostile to anarchism, anarchists, and anarchist participation in anti-racist and anti-fascist activism, especially in its more militant forms. (At one point, the ADL classified the circle ‘A’ as a hate symbol.)"
Erm, well @ndy, it IS a 'hate symbol' just like the inverted 'Life' Rune in a circle adopted by the so-called 'Peace' activists of the Sixties. You REALLY, REALLY don'y know much about ANYTHING, do you @ndy? Folks, I'm beginning to think @ndy is the original 'boy in the bubble'.
"This reflects its statist, and otherwise politically conservative — which is to say, classically bourgeois — perspective."
Whatdafark? So now the genius that is @ndy has decreed that conservatism is synonymous with being bourgeois? When and where did this happen? Details please! What ever happened to the good old Working Class Conservatives?
" In essence, the ADL maintains that the police/state can and should protect the rights of Jews in the United States (and elsewhere), the Israeli state is the ultimate guarantor of Jewish survival, and the fight against anti-Semitism should properly be conducted within the legal and political constraints of bourgeois society.”

Just how DOES @ndy reconcile the apparent contradiction of simultaneously rejoicing (on other threads) in the outlawing of groups such as Blood & Honour and The Hammerskins AND his referral to the Jewish Terrorist Group the ADL as “statist”? @ndy has, through many of his own actions and those of his motley confederates, displayed the most outrageous contempt for freedom of any socio-political expression, apart from his own, and cooperated with the state with all the slavish obsequiousness of the very “classic bourgeois” types he pretends to despise. He is like some bitter and twisted middle aged spinster craning over the aspidistra pot, peering through the tatty lace curtains at the neighbours, and reporting their every move, both real and imagined, to the local constabulary as if national security vitally depended upon her hourly reports.

“With regards the Melbourne gig, its occurrence has met with general indifference on the part of those who might otherwise be expected to organise to oppose and to sabotage its conduct — a product, in part, of the relative obscurity and generally marginal status of boneheads in Australia, but also, on the one hand, a symptom of the yuppification (sic) of punk and other yoof (sic) subcultures, and, on the other, the near-total absence of a broader, radical left-wing movement.

Poor little @ndy. There simply isn’t enough old school bomb throwing Anarchist thugs for his liking.

“My own role”

Yes @ndy, let’s hear MORE about YOUR role. Extrapolate and elucidate. We’re all ears.

“in helping to expose such activities has resulted in death threats, threats of beatings, the publication of my alleged work address on an Internet forum frequented by boneheads, and other tomfoolery. Nevertheless, those responsible will always be held to account — one way, or another.”

Now, to me, that last “one way, or another” comment is an open threat to all White Nationalists. What it means, quite clearly, is that if @ndy and his bum chums can’t get you by legal means then they will get you by foul. What? Another Mossad contrived 'Motor Vehicle Accident'? Make no mistake. This is how the ZOG anointed Left works. You have been warned.

Ed note.

Can someone please pass on all this info that has been published about @ndy? Seems @ndy is trying to play the victim folks. What a joke. How very Zionist of you @ndy.

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