Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Although Whitelaw Towers has publicized this video exposing Zionist treachery around the world a few things must be noted. First off that this particular author would like to point out that he believes the excuse for occupying Palestine at the end of WW2 due to the Holocaust was just another Zionist lie. A lie that is used by the Zionist in an ever-increasing way. To such a point that any legitimist questioning of the Holocaust is now illegal in most of Zionist Occupied Europe.

I would also like to point out that this video is also offered here for the members of Fight Dem Back and @ndy $lackbastard who continually support Zionist organizations. These Zionist controlled groups that masquerade, as Anti Racist organizations are guilty of supporting the destruction of Christian and White European Heritage around the world. They are guilty of ignoring the Zionist occupation of Palestine and the Ethnic Cleansing of the Palestinian people.

In short these people spend more time looking for scapegoats to guilt the white Community to accept more non-white refugees. These refugees fleeing Zionist wars are then used as pawns to further destroy our White Heritage. Ever wonder why there is always a Jewish Lawyer representing Refugees? How about the Jewish Lawyers who represent the Palestinians? These lawyers are what Israel calls Sayanim. Every Jew living abroad is just another agent for Israel.

FDB and other groups like them are the problem and will never offer up a solution. In the end they are just making sure that the occupation of our White Homelands by Non Whites runs just as smoothly as the occupation of Palestine by the Zionist Jews.

Don’t be fooled these people are well aware of what is truly going on. This is why they spend so much time running decoy for their Zionist masters. In short the Anti Racist movement is just another propaganda machine for the Israel lobby. They spend their time making up stories of evil Nazis and yet ignore, no suppress what is truly happening around the world.

What we must insure is that people and members of these Anti racist pro Israel groups never get into a position of power with legitimate Humane Rights Groups such as World Vision and such. This is something I fear may happen if we do not stay vigilant. I’m sure groups such as the New Right and The National Anarchist could cover that subject and others we have spoke of far better than us.

A special warning to our NS comrades. Some of the scenes you may not approve of but for the rest of you lot I think you will find it very interesting and educating. When you have finished watching this video please ask yourself one simple question. Why are these groups like FDB so quite on these very real issues?

Warning! This is real. Unlike what FDB go on about. Over 18 only!

PS @ndy $lackbastard Founding member of Fight Dem Back.. Next time you joke about “Fear of Zog” think about this film you piece of shit. What say you Asher Goldman?

Please watch HERE or HERE

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