Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Anarchi$t @ndy's Army

Lately Whitelaw Staff has added to our standard format articles from around the world. It would seem that Whitelaw Towers has got a rather large fan base world wide so it was decided to include news and articles that would be of interest to them also.

But seeing as we are an Australian Based group we promise that we will keep our WN/NS fans in Aussie up to date with the Anarchists and Marxist in our once proud country.
Below you will find a collection of photos never before seen of the Anarchist Scum from Melbourne. Special thanks must go to our friends in Victoria who are like so many other contributors to Whitelaw the true unsung heroes of the movement.

Special note. Whitelaw staff would be very interested in any information on the older Anarchists pictured at the right (old duck in front old bloke with backpack). These two rather normal looking people would be highly placed in the Melbourne Anarchist circles. Funny I just can’t seem to picture them throwing bombs. We would wager that this odd couple are well known to Anarchi$t @ndy.

This group of proud "anarchists" attended the Melbourne Climate Change Rally held earlier in the year. Upon being challenged as to their beliefs they were shown up as the hypocrites and frauds that they are. The stick wearing the Aboriginal motif was keen to impart on us his support for Aboriginals in having their own land including the permit system. So he said, it was their choice to be able to decide who and who does not enter their lands. So if aboriginals in Arnhem land want to keep out those "whites" bringing in Gunja and alcohol then they are within their rights.

Challenged if such principles could be allowed for all earth’s inhabitants the WN present were condemned for suggesting such a racist thing. Whites were evil, conquerors and colonizers therefore if their nations were filled with concepts and items they did not ask for such as liberal democracy, immigration, anti free speech laws TOO BAD

Very peaceful they are too, the young blonde anarchist after much vein bulging as her beliefs were stripped bare admitted that if they were in ‘power’, she would shoot us even if we existed alone and separate to their utopia.

The blonde male, showed his true colors and honor as a human with plentiful displays of spitting on the pavement as he made his points.

Upon one such mouthful of spittle hitting the malnourished dog kept on a rope by the chubby purple-headed singing anarchist, a short argument developed between them.

Further, the blond male sought to distance himself from the blonde female's admittance of the desire to shoot us, and appeared quite annoyed that she had let out the truth. Namely hate. Hate of anyone who doesn’t accept his or her narrow vision for humanity.

Wait till this rather confused female above finds out that Anarchi$t @ndy is a double agent working for Australian Intelligence groups. I reckon she is the toughest one we have seen so far.

This little madam was present at APEC where she joined the Marx brothers and the Hags of Marxism in following after members of the New Right as they departed the protest. Attempting to take pictures of the activists she was caught out herself. A snotty nosed little toff, this individual has been seen many times at events in Melbourne and Sydney.

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