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Fun with @ndy the Left Wing Traitor.

Raul Castro blindfolds a prisoner ready for execution.
Is this @ndy's future?
From @ndy at Slackbastard. Enjoy.
"G’day Jim!
Whatever ya reckon mate.
Fightdemback! was established in late 2004 by a number of anti-racist activists from Australia and Aotearoa / New Zealand, and officially launched on ANZAC Day, April 25, 2005.
Since then, among other things:
the ‘White Pride Coalition of Australia’ has dissolved; "

Oh @ndy who is the idiot? You see the WPCA forum was shut down because it was full of FDB members causing trouble. It had nothing to do with pressure from FDB or any other left wing nut jobs. In fact it was decided by the senior members of the forum that they should all go and join another forum and start again. Ever heard of Australian New Nation? Duh. As for the trusted members of the WPCA forum all I repeat all of them are still working away to bring you @ndy and your mates down. And all is going to plan.
"Peter Campbell of the WPCA, and the distribution of a text — “How to build a David Copeland special” — has been exposed in national media; "

Mmm love this one. As it has been explained countless times on this blog and Victor Whitelaw the whole story that was presented was and is a total fraud. Created by FDB to silence their number one critic. Their number one enemy at that time. No one was arrested or charged. In fact it’s a bloody wonder you guys who created it never got charged. But seeing, as you work for the state @ndy no surprise in the end.
"the ‘Patriotic Youth League’ has dissolved (and its desultory handful of rallies routed); "

The good old PYL. This is what started it all. You guys picking on a 15 year old kid and threatening his family. Yes well as far as I know bar one exception all those young men have grown up. And you guessed it they to are working with others to bring you down. They are aware that you are also a fake and a fraud. They may be young but sure as hell are wise to you. The PYL was a good idea but was doomed to fail anyway. Had nothing to do with you at all. Unless you count the lies you and Mathew Henderson spread about them in the paper. Hey what happened to all the FDB connections in the News Print? Oh that’s right they figured you out also. FDB = Fraudulent Bastards.

"the ‘Australian National Front’ was aborted;"

Oh my please stop. Yes folks we have it at last. BVH past mod of Storm Front was the catalyst for the destruction of the Australian National Front. It was he that solely destroyed it from his position at Storm Front Down Under. Yes folks that’s his brother at the helm now SCB. As we have highlighted here it was the Whitelaw Project that exposed this traitor as a FDB stooge. The chosen idiot. Set to run White Nationalism into hole never to emerge again. @ndy once again has shown how stupid he is. It must be noted that it was Andy’s blog that published photos of members from SFDU that were passed onto him by BVH David Innes.

"the ‘Australia First Party’ has split into three, with one splinter retreating into inactivity in Shepparton, the other retreating into a bunker in Tempe, and the third forming the equally ineffective ‘Australian Protectionist Party’, the NSW Chairman of which, Darrin Hodges, describes the leader of the second faction, Dr James Saleam, as a pathological liar and an oily spiv (among other things);the functioning of the annual fascist gathering known as the Sydney Forum has been disrupted, and the 2008 gathering cancelled;"

Oh boy ,come on 2008 gathering cancelled? The year aint over yet sunshine. Disrupted? Sure has because the people involved have been very busy this year with bigger projects you dud.
Now the AFP. It again had nothing to do with you except the involvement once again of your traitor mate Barron Von Hund David Innes mod at SFDU. It was he that started the ball rolling upsetting the apple cart. In the end it helped AF cut away the dead wood and took the approach that many believed should have been taken long ago. Ever noticed how since the early retirement of the FDB plant BVH things seem to running a lot smoother. Once again @ndy you blew it. No wonder the friends you once had are not as keen as they once were to help you. Its just you and the feds now @ndy boy.

"the Birmingham Hotel — previously the venue for the annual Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig — has undergone a change of management (”It’s not shit any more!”);the venue for the ISD gig has been exposed and publicised three years running, with its audience dwindling and its costs increasing;"

Well from what I see all you did was persecute a businessman and help advertise the ISD gig. I guess we should thank you for the second part. From what I hear from my B&H comrades they are very pleased with you. Dwindling hey nice try @ndy it’s exactly the opposite. Dwindling is the FDB membership roll. Dwindling is the support FDB once had. Dwindling is the amount of anarchists who support you @ndy because you are a traitor. Everything these groups do Left and Right is collected by you and passed onto the authorities. Nice work by the way in NZed. I suspect that Asher’s Palestinian mates will also be rounded up and shot accidentally of course by the IDF some time this year.

"the ‘Great Australian Bikini March’ was cancelled;"

Can’t comment on that. But I will try. People outside of the WN/NS circles organized this. These were just average Aussies. But once again BVH played a roll in this at SF along with Benny boy who has been known to step on his dick a fair bit. This once again had more to do with you using your inside man and Benny’s stupidity than anything else.

"the ‘Stormfront Down Under’ site has gone from bad to worse (and two moderators — David Innes and Rhys McLean — have retired, leaving it in the capable hands of David’s brother Paul);"

Yeah it just didn’t work out for ya did it @ndy. Or did it? Who cares SF same as many WN forums are outliving there usefulness. What goes on behind the scenes is more important. On the street @ndy we are strong you are weak. Well the real Anarchists and Left-wingers anyway. Thats just how you want it isnt it @ndy. Many are slowly putting all the pieces together. @ndy I’m sure it will be painless when it comes?

"Sue Bateman of One Nation in WA has been exposed as a (former) member of SF;and so on and so forth."

Once again @ndy and FDB admit that BVH David Innes ex mod from Storm Front Down Under was a FDB informer. It was he who passed on the pictures to FDB and all the info sourced. Once again what has @ndy and FDB done since BVH was outed here at Whitelaw? Nothing folks. Bar helping the Hammer Skins and Blood and Honor with promotion of the ISD gigs. Once again thanks.

The far right is on the rise @ndy that’s what bothers you and your internationalist friends. I guess you and your controllers will have to take the game to another level. It is you who will play into our hands this time. You know why? Because the system is broken. You are a tool of a broken system @ndy. Your own people are seeing with there own eyes who is responsible for the crap that is going on. And when they get their hands on you @ndy they will tear you into strips. Fact is we have more in common with the true left wing activists than you. Why because we are not working for the Authorities like you. We are fighting the system and we are gaining ground.

Hear that sound @ndy? That’s the collapse of Capitalism. And we all know who is going to rule the day when the crap hits the fan. It aint you. But I’m sure you will get a fair trial.
When all the talk is over @ndy you will be seen for what you truly are. A traitor to your own principles and people. You are a disgrace and if Che was around I’m sure he would have you shot ASAP. You are not only the enemy to us but also a bigger enemy to the left.
You have been so cocky in the past you and FDB have outed yourselves. Your constant bragging of whom you all work for and with is your own demise. Sleep well traitor. I know I will.
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