Tuesday, August 25, 2009

@ndy Slackbastard drops bomb shell. On his foot!

Funny stuff readers. Looks like @ndy has taken the offending post down. What a bloody idiot.

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Now were is that facepalm that FDB like to use?

Donald Oorst AKA Duckmonster Founding member of FDB

"See how awesome facepalm is! dont even need words"

Brian Stokes fellow FDB founder

"it IS oarsome, dux."

Have a great weekend everyone we sure as hell will.

For you @ndy here is some different ways you can shoot yourself in the foot again via the net.

You write out all the specification of your foot, the bullet, the gun, and the relevant laws of physics, but all you can do is prove that you can shoot yourself in the foot.

You get Some teenage hacker to shoot you in the foot with ActiveX. You develop gangrene and die.

Double-click the gun icon and wait. Eventually a window opens giving a selection for guns and target areas. Click the "shoot" button and a small box appears with the note "Unable to open shoot.dll, check that path is correct."

Plenty more ways to do it Here Shooting yourself in the foot in various programming languages

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