Tuesday, August 25, 2009


BNP member being arrested by MI5?

Yes readers it would seem that a Whistle Blower on the inside has let the cat out of the bag. As our readers already know groups such as Fight Dem Back are just useful idiots and agents for the Australian Intelligence Groups. These groups and self proclaimed Anarchist such as @ndy the Anarchi$t at Slackbasterd not only collect information on Left Wing and Pro Palestinian groups they also harass White Nationalists as a cover. How many times readers have you heard them say how closely they work with authorities?

Readers of this article will also be well aware of the roll the MI5 played in the covert running of the British arm of C18.


But a police informant who had infiltrated the party said it was the work of MI5.The covert operative told us security chiefs ordered the leak to halt the party’s rise in power.He said Combat 18 splinter groups within the BNP are hellbent on violence against Muslims, prompting spooks to take action.

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