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MI5 C18 Searchlight Fight Dem Back & Anarchi$t @

Oh the madness that is Anarchi$t @ndy over at Slackbastard. He sure as hell is trying to convince us all of late how Anarchist he is. I bet the organizers of this event

Saturday, 13th December, 2008
1:00PM outside the Greek Consulate
37-39 Albert Road, South Melbourne (St Kilda Rd trams)
Bring Greek music, friends, candles, flowers, etc.

are a little concerned that Andrew Moran is involved. Maybe a good idea for some of the Vic Whitelaw people to go have a look anyway? Hint Hint…

Anyway a few of you may not know the story behind Search Light in the UK. Yes folks the UK group that shares Intel with its Australian franchise Fight Dem Back. (FDB). FDB founding members are made up of numerous Left Wing and Anarchist groups in Australia and New Zealand.

On our side of the political scene we have C18 in the UK. Many WN and NS readers know that C18 in the UK was a honey trap for Patriots. Let the history lesson begin.



"Searchlight magazine, the so-called "International Anti-Fascist Monthly"
present themselves as heroic campaigners against fascism, an invaluable
resource to anyone committed to the struggle or concerned with anti-fascism anti-racism and the need to confront anti-Semitism. But hidden agendas predominate. "
Sound like anyone we know?
"As a long-time Leftist (SWP, Big Flame and now Green Party). And anti- fascist activist and researcher, I suggest you read carefully what I have to say. I have written for: Tribune, CARF (Campaign Against Racism and Fascism) and Lobster for example. I also play a part in the Green Party Anti-Fascist Network, for example, successfully urging that David Icke be refused entry to the 1994 Party Conference due to anti- Semitic statements: my role in which to date never mentioned by Searchlight. "

For four years I have been subjected to a torrent of vile abuse and lies emanating from Searchlight. The reasons for this are three-fold superior to theirs, in rigour and understanding. Second, and just as important, I have consistently illustrated just how close Searchlight are to MI5, in the sense of passing information, and also in terms of Information gathering and "planting" MI5 friendly agendas in the media and the political process, as well as actual operations. One such entrapment, involving the "running" of agent Tim Hepple simultaneously in anarchist green and fascist milieu, I was able to help successfully foil, to the detriment of Searchlight and their friends in MI5. Since the publication of my second pamphlet on that affair ("At War With The Truth"),in November 1993, Searchlight dare not
even refer to it, never mind refute it. Last October (1194) saw a third reason for Searchlight (and MI5) to get even more annoyed: the publication of my book "Turning Up the Heat: MI5

When Green Anarchist wrote a sympathetic article in February 1995 (issue 37) Searchlight (and, I contend, MI5) snapped. In their March issue Searchlight (a supposed "anti-fascist" magazine remember), published (for the first time anywhere) my photo (taken by Searchlight operatives as part of workplace harassment), workplace and residential details. This was done with one aim in mind: to set me up for a kicking or even assassination, by fascists/Loyalists or whoever. The malevolent intent or such is crystal clear, made even more so considering Searchlight's previous 3 mentions of me, all written before the IRA cease-fire 31/8/94 (June 1994 p.5 August 1994 p.7September 1994 p.3). These describe what is clearly me as being a courier, setting up drug-deals/meetings on behalf of Combat 18 Nazis with Ulster Loyalists. Yet in March, Searchlight omit to mention this supposed activity: if they don't believe these lies, isn't it time to sit up and take notice? I would strongly suggest that radicals of all persuasions, both in the UK and elsewhere - Left, Green, Anarchist, anti- Criminal Justice Act, anti-fascist and anti-racist take a close look at Searchlight and just who they're working with and for " (to coin a phrase). The integrity of your organisation, its political ambitions and even your member's personal safety could well depend on you doing so. Read on...


Their victims attacks on myself fit into a long line of smears Against radicals, including anarchists Tim Scargill and Tony Haughian While both were physically targeted by fascists, the Animal Liberation Front, Mebion Glyndwer, Anti Fascist Action members like Malcolm Astells, squatters, and supporters of the Freedom Network, and Now Open Eye magazine. They ignore the threat posed by sophisticated fascists/anti-Semites such as Icke, only covering him ten months after the Green Party took action.

They encourage political violence, by passing fascists, for instance in the mid-70's details of a Maoist group infiltrated by the editor's "Nazi" wife, Sonia Hochfelder appeared in a fascist publication shortly after she left. Violent fantasist Ray Hill and Special Branch tout Dave Roberts are still under investigation. Hepple was another agent provocateur, and recently Searchlight had suspicious fore-knowledge of a fascist hit-list Target.

Leeds thug/Nazi Tony White, self-confessed Special Branch asset, is just As suspect. Details of those named in an address book stolen from the local Northern Star by White (admitted by what sounds like White himself on a tape in my possession ....) appeared in Combat 18 magazine issues 1 and 3. In this way, using White as a conduit, the secret state (MI5) and their"errand people" (Searchlight) used the printing of such details to turn up the political heat, in order to gull Labour MP's on the Home Affairs Select Committee into approving increased MI5 powers.

They seek to access membership lists of Left/Green organisations, supposedly to "look for" fascists in reality to copy them to pass toMI5. They encourage anti-fascists to rely on the state, both MI5 and those arch provocateurs the "Football Intelligence Unit". The state did not defeat fascism in 1930's Germany or even Britain. They will not do so now: only a mass-based democratically controlled anti-fascist movement can do that. In the meantime, the threat Searchlight pose to anti-fascists outside the UK is just as grave as the threat they post to those here. For they will seek to gain intelligence on the members of anti- fascist groups everywhere, and then pass that information, probably via their MI5 controllers, back to your local security services.

They divert attention from/seek to further MI5's agendas, for instance what Searchlight did not mention until six months after I had "outed" him is that Harold Covington, US Nazi involved with C18, may well be an FBI original C18 leadership by elements more congenial to themselves (such as Hepple and White). Their line on C18 and the Dublin Soccer riot of February is another errand run for MI5/the FIU. In April 1995, having called since 1993 for MI5 to "investigate" C18,they announced it had been set up by MI5. The motivations for that statement I analysed in a Green
Anarchist article (issue 38 Summer1995).

There are here in the UK only two truly independent Investigative publications covering the secret state, Lobster, which Prints historical research and has firmly come down on my side Against Searchlight (see issue 24 "Our Searchlight problem" in particular),and the much newer Open Eye. This latter magazine also prints my work, and in issue 3 has recently covered Searchlight: also coming down on my side

Searchlight's latest twist, in October 1995, is to pretend that all along they have pointed to MI5 involvement in Combat 18. In fact, if you consult their January 1994 editorial, they called for MI5 to investigate C18, an organisation they now pretend MI5 actually set up. Why are they doing this now? The real reason has to do with when unravelling of MI5's operation in Leeds, and to facilitate a take-over of C18 by state assets in an internal power struggle. They also want to, yet again, appropriate some of my research without acknowledgement, for it was in April 1993 I first
suggested an MI5:C18 connection. They do not fool me, nor will they you, if you investigate the facts. Watch this space.

Doesn’t this all sound so familiar? As we have always said these anti groups appear from no place and attack us Nationalists. They win favor and the trust of the reds. These Anti Racist/Anti Fascist groups then infiltrate the already established Anarchist and Left Wing groups. These people are the enemy of us all.

My god the Left are so bloody stupid. Something the staff at Whitelaw has known from the very beginning. Covert operations are the name of the game and the people who are being looked at are? Yes to some extent us. But Australian security groups know that WN and NS people cannot muster thousands of youths onto the streets. They know they have nothing to fear from us at this stage. We are just one of the shells in the shell game, an easy target and a great distraction.

With the Anarchist inspired riots in Greece expect Andy to ramp up his saber rattling. Maybe even draw out a few more hard core Anarchists? That’s a good little boy @ndy go collect your 30 pieces of silver.

Boy those National Anarchist must be looking pretty good by now to a few Aussie Anarchists? Well the smart ones who can see what is going on.
Oh and here is an optional extra we found. I see a lot of other people are finally onto this spook?

WRT this @ndy character, he's long been known as a government agent in Oz. He's on their payroll to spread disinformation in the anti-authoritarian left and writes a lot of disinformation about the left including the Trots. It's rumored he turned coat after a high ranking affair with his man lover in the S.A. went sour.

Crikey now thats just sick!

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