Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don’t let the Truth get in the way. Gaza.

I find it very difficult to hide my anger and disgust I feel towards the Zionist State of Israel. But I find myself even more disgusted at the So-called White Nationals who are hired by the Zionist to spread misinformation and lies. In a world that is more like Planet Bizaro we have Zionist Backed spy groups such as Fight Dem back and @ndy Slackbastard. These groups after years of saying nothing about Israel all of sudden pretend to support the Palestinian people. These groups backed by Bnai Brith and other High Ranking Jews in Australia now play the old fashioned shell game to protect their undercover operations.

Then we have people who once spoke out against Zionism and its lies. These people who also claim to be White Australian Nationalists now in some kind of sick joke support Israel in their personal war on Terror/Islam. These Christian Zionists who now attack Long Term Patriots in the struggle for a White Australia are now so infected with Zionist BS they use tactics more in tune with Fight Dem Back. Political White Nationalists groups such as Australia First have been one in Particular that was singled out this past year. Not to be forgotten they also attack all other pro White Groups from around the world. Unless its the BNP. WN forums such as Australian New Nation and Storm Front are as they have described “a neo-nazi hangout which should be avoided at all costs. They give white people a bad name.”

Well as these Zionist supporters sit around cheering the IDF every time they turn on the news, the rest of the world is shaking its head in disgust. Added to the Whitelaw List of enemy’s of the White Race in 2009 we shall see a few more now come under our watch.

The fact that our White Nations are forced to accept the Non White refugees fleeing Zionist Aggression is all part and parcel of the destruction of our race and culture.

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