Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Anarchist @ndy shows his true colours.

Now how strange. Fight Dem Back founding member Andrew Moran the man who never was. Yes the guy who knows so much about Anarchism and Marxism yet has no idea about anything else. Or does he. Of course he does. He is a well trained Sayanim just like all the other FDB gang members. This idiot who claims to be an Anarchist certainly acts more like a Government agent than anything else.

@ndy aka Andrew Moran has taken it on himself to attack Brendon O'Connell for daring to question the Jewish Supremacists has forgotten one main thing. Brendon isn't a Racist. Nor was the Demonstrators who also protested on the day "The Friends Of Palestine". Seems @ndy has forgotten his cover as a Anti Racist Anarchist and shown us all who he works for. Israel and the Zionist controlled Government.

Now we always knew he was an agent for the Feds but his controllers must be shaking their heads yet again. It was bad enough when Asher Goldman FDB New Zealand Leader visited Israel last year posing as a Anarchist to out Palestinian and Jewish anti war activists. I wonder how many of them are alive to speak about that meeting?

You see folks these people FDB are Government Enforces. They use the cloak of Anti racism to silence Israels critics. They also keep track of the Left Wing activists who also are awake to the Zionist plot. In fact it is the Left who unwittingly give aid to the enemy of us all.

You just have to ask yourself do Anarchist work with the Police? Do they work with Federal Police and Intelligence gathering networks like ASIO? Our little @ndy does and so does his mates.

Do anarchists post News articles from the Australian Jewish News? Do they hang around Jewish Lawyers or the children of Prominent Jewish Leaders? Of course not. It was only after we outed these sayanim and the Left started asking questions did @ndy even mention Gaza. Nice try @ndy. How many left wing Anti racist groups would lobby the Federal government to boycot Anti Racism conventions because they know Israel would be critisized? Not many. Its just like Mathew Henderson said back in 2004 that FDB would mirror Searchlight. And they have all the way Zionist Jews the lot.

Although the list of FDB members is getting smaller by the day they are still out and about. They may not be collecting info on Right Wing activists anymore but I bet they sure as hell are doing it to the left. What happened to Cam Smith? What of all the other members who once spoke so proudly of being members of FDB? Old Cam disappeared real soon after he confessed on National Radio to helping ASIO and other Feds. He even claimed his info was better than theirs. I bet it is.

So if you are a real Left Wing Anarchist drop us a line we would love to hear from you.

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