Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Top Secret communiqué to Australian Controllers


Intelligence report from agent @ndy.

1. His name name is Tyler Cassidy.He lives in Victoria.He is a member of the Southern Cross Soldiers, and is involved in its Melbourne branch.The Melbourne branch was formally established in mid-2008:
2. Someone has said “The new Melbourne branch has been established at a time of smear directed against the group by Brian Stokes and Andy Moran of the Anti Racist group Fight Dem Back. These men have used the columns of the Fight Dem Back to misrepresent the group.”
3. He is a member of Face Book, which he joined in 2007, His account has since been closed.
4. The site itself is stuffed full of white supremacist, neo-Nazi and other fringe racist material. For example:
“Our Mission is to protect Australia for the establishment of a BRIDGEHEAD for the fight back campaign against violent crime and Racist attacks apon the Australian Population by people of Ethnic Backgrounds.
His email address is 15andfree@******.

He is a member of Face Book, at times a neo-Nazi forum maintained by a our friends we like to call Sayanim. Face Book Originally established as a place for young and old to talk and share ideas and life experience has now been overrun by Nationalism. Lucky for us it is a way for us to collect personal details on everyone.

In summary:

His views are, quite plainly, those of a neo-Nazi. He is a teenage boy, with a very short record of adherence to such views as Patriotism and Nationalism. As such, he is fully responsible for his views, even if he is only 15. He has had no time to reflect upon and to develop them. Further, he does not merely hold such views, but actively seek to promote them, and to that end organise with like-minded individuals to do so. In other words, he is a neo-Nazi activist.
I have no respect for his views, or as person, and have no desire to help him, let alone understand him. Please keep an eye on this RACIST

Always in your service

Andrew Moran Code Name @ndy $lackbastard.

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